Jewelry Education

Diamond 4 C's - Learn about the 4 C's of natural diamonds: carat, clarity, color and cut.


Metal Information - Discover the unique properties of the different types of metal deBebians offers.


Ring Anatomy - View detailed illustrated examples of the many parts of an engagement ring.


Glossary - This handy reference guide explains some of those more technical jewelry terms.


Diamond Anatomy - This short, handy reference illustrates the key parts of a diamond.


Diamond Shape - This primer gives pointers on key attributes to consider when shopping for a certain shape.


Gemstone Information - Learn more about the natural gemstones we use in our jewelry.


Ring Weight - Handy reference for gold and platinum ring gram weights in common widths and sizes


Fine Jewelry Blog - News and updates about products, trends and styles in the world of jewelry and fashion


Ask the Expert - Get our expert opinion on any jewelry question you may have.


Q&A with GIA - Get a glimpse into the venerable Gemological Institute of America.


The Beauty of Rose Gold - What it is, the history behind it, how to wear it, and fashionable trends













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