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Ethically crafted sparkle and 100% a real diamond, our Lab Created Diamond collection offers a great alternative to their mined diamond counterparts. We've taken some of our most popular and most sought after collections, and used man made diamonds that are lab grown.

This section is going to continue to grow as the demand for these incredibly sparkly pieces grows. Of course, as a custom jewelry designer and manufacturer, we can craft any piece you'd like with the sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds at a fraction of the price of naturally mined diamonds.

For years, we have been getting questions and requests for more lab grown diamond jewelry options. We listened and this section is for you. Our lab grown diamond jewelry has all of the same sparkle, same fire, same brilliance and same durability as their mined diamond counterparts…at a fraction of the price.

As a custom jewelry manufacturer and designer, deBebians can create anything you desire with lab grown diamonds. This section is simply a representation of some of our most requested items – lab created diamond stud earrings, lab grown diamond tennis bracelets, lab created diamond eternity bands and more.

While there are countless “diamond alternatives” out there, that’s not a lab grown diamond. Lab created diamonds are in fact “real diamonds.” So what’s the difference? It’s simple. Scientists have been able to mimic the natural formation of diamonds within a lab, eliminating the need to dig and mine for diamonds. This in turn brings the cost down tremendously. Lab grown diamonds are 100% diamond.

Lab created diamonds are not flawless. Much like they appear in nature, there are flaws, inclusions and other standard variations that show in mined diamonds. As expected, our GIA Graduate Gemologists select these lab grown diamonds with the same stringent guidelines as they would for mined diamonds.