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Not only are we custom jewelry designers, but we are also wholesale jewelry suppliers and a wholesale jewelry manufacturer. So, if you’re looking for how to start a jewelry business or to simply expand your ability in your current business…we can help. As a fine jewelry wholesaler, we are here for you every step of the way.

You don’t need to know how to make jewelry or have a vast inventory of jewelry supplies, or wait long periods to have pieces delivered…you just need a partner like us. An A to Z wholesale jewelry manufacturer.

We work with small scale and large scale jewelry companies to help them create their pieces from scratch and handle all aspects of the manufacturing, making us great jewelry manufacturers for small businesses.

Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing - A to Z
Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing and Setting
Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing and Casting

Your ideas stay yours. Your designs stay yours. Your customers stay yours.

And the best part, your time stays yours…let us do the work.

From Small Projects to Large

So whether you want to start a fashion jewelry brand, design a custom engagement ring for a local customer, we can serve as your jewelry design house, your casting house, your diamond setter, your polisher…basically your complete wholesale jewelry supplier. We specialize in custom jewelry manufacturing and designing, making us a great choice for wholesale production or local businesses. 

We are a wholesale fine jewelry manufacturer in Los Angeles, where we do all of our manufacturing and design, and follow projects from start to finish.

Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing and Design

Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing and Repair

A Simple Process.

1. We work together.

2. We can wholesale any product from our custom lines to you. Or, we can create and manufacture any idea you or your customers may have.

3. We can create the pieces in the metals of your choice.

4. We can source all of the diamonds or gemstones if needed.

5. We can deliver quickly (typically within 10 business days, from start to finish, if not sooner).

Common Questions

Can I put my logo on pieces that you make for my jewelry company?

Of course. Typically, pieces are unbranded, however if you would like us to stamp or engrave the pieces with your jewelry company name or custom logo, we can do that too.

How can I design a custom made engagement ring and have you manufacture it?

A lot of times, our custom wholesale jewelry customers come to us with a concept, and we use our expertise to flesh it out. A lot of our original designs on this site also can serve as inspiration.

If you manufacture a ring for my customer and they would later like to add a matching band, can you help with that as well?

Absolutely. We can also help create matching bands for passed down heirloom rings, and everything in between. We truly can help you and your customers every step of the way.


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