Five Stone Rings

Featuring five single diamonds, colorful gemstones or a combination of both in a row along the top of the band, five-stone rings are an exceptionally popular ring style. Simple yet elegant, it's a classic look that stands the test of time. This beautiful design can be used as a wedding band, worn to commemorate five years of marriage or given as a memorable milestone birthday gift. Our quality collection includes many traditional setting styles adorned with noncertified and GIA-certified white diamonds, yellow radiant diamonds and a variety of gemstones. Our kaleidoscope of gemstones includes pink sapphire, garnet, peridot, aquamarine, amethyst and many more. Choose the gemstone that has special meaning to you, whether it represents the month of your wedding, the birthstone of your spouse or your favorite hue.

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5 Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring ITEM #: 5UDR-300V
Engagement Ring with 5 Diamonds ITEM #: 5UDR-200V
Pink Sapphire Ring Five Stones 1.50cttw ITEM #: PS5SR-14-150
Pink Sapphire 5 Stone Ring ITEM #: PS5SR-14-200
Princess Cut Anniversary Ring Bar Set ITEM #: BLD5PB300I-14
Princess Cut Anniversary Ring ITEM #: BLD5P300I-14
Princess Cut Diamond Band Bar Set ITEM #: BLD5PB300S-14
Radiant Cut Diamond Band ITEM #: BLD5P300S-14
Princess Diamond Band Bar Set ITEM #: BLD5PB300V-14
Cushion Cut Diamond Anniversary Band ITEM #: BLD5P300V-14
Sapphire Birthstone Ring 1.50cttw ITEM #: BS5SR-14-150
Sapphire September Birth Stone Ring 3.00cttw ITEM #: DBS5SR-14-300V
Round Brilliant Diamond and Sapphire Ring ITEM #: DBS5SR-14-050V
Sapphire and Diamond Five Stone Ring 2.00cttw ITEM #: DBS5SR-14-200S
September Birthstone and Diamond Ring ITEM #: DBS5SR-14-100V
September Birthstone Ring 1.00cttw ITEM #: DBS5SR-14-100S
0.50 cttw Ruby and VS Diamond 5 Stone Ring ITEM #: DR5SR-14-050V
1.00 cttw Ruby and I1 Diamond 5 Stone Ring ITEM #: DR5SR-14-100I
1.00 cttw Ruby and SI Diamond 5 Stone Ring ITEM #: DR5SR-14-100S
1.00 cttw Ruby and VS Diamond 5 Stone Ring ITEM #: DR5SR-14-100V

Do you have a particular five stone engagement ring in mind but don't see it in our inventory? Please call or email us for custom inquiries. We can modify any existing setting or create an entirely new design for you.

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