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Find your desired style of plain wedding band for women and men by browsing our expansive collection of high-quality plain wedding rings. If you're looking for a men's simple wedding band, check out our cool ring sizes ranging up to size 16.

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Women's plain wedding bands are a terrific choice for those who live an active lifestyle. Smooth throughout, they do not have any stones that can catch on clothing or interfere with hands-on professions that require extensive use of hands.

When choosing your ring, consider the metal color of your engagement ring as well as the width of the band. For a seamless match, you will want to select the same metal and band width. If you like to mix your metals, you can pair a yellow gold band with a platinum engagement ring. The choice is strictly up to you. Remember, your wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that you will be wearing each day, so you should have the freedom pick the look that you love best. And thanks to our extensive selection, you will be able to do just that!

Have you found your perfect plain band, but prefer it to be in rose gold? We can customize many of our styles in rose gold. Please contact us for more information and for a quote on creating your perfect ring.