Loose Diamonds & Gemstones

Scroll through thousands of diamonds at your fingertips with our loose stone diamond search and find that perfect diamond for your ring. You're sure to find a certified loose stone diamond for your jewelry in that perfect size, the perfect color, and the perfect price. You can also search for fancy colored stones too, like gorgeous canary yellow diamonds. Like you, we're concerned about "conflict diamonds" so we make sure that all of our loose natural diamonds go through the Kimberley Process - supported by the United Nations.

We also offer incredible loose stone diamond alternatives like loose moissanite from Charles & Colvard and Harro Gem, as well as great colored gemstone options like ruby, morganite, sapphire, yellow sapphires, black diamonds and everything in between.

Loose GIA Certified Diamonds and Gemstone
Can't make a decision or want some free expert advice? Finding that perfect loose stone diamond or gemstone for your setting isn't always easy, so feel free to use our Personal Diamond Shopper and allow one of our GIA Graduate Gemologists find the perfect stone at the perfect value for you. They do not work on commission, so their goal is simple...find the best loose stones for jewelry for the best price.

Certified Loose Diamonds

Thousands of certified loose natural diamonds to browse at your finger-tips - with images and/or video. Search our loose natural diamond collection by diamond shape, carat weight, color, clarity, and price. Don't worry if you get overwhelmed, you can use our free Personal Diamond Shoppers to help find the perfect diamond for you and your budget.

Loose GIA Certified Diamonds

Certified Canary & Fancy Colored Diamonds

Add some color to your loose stone diamond search, and search our fancy colored diamond collection. From gorgeous canary diamonds to black diamonds and every color in between.

GIA Certified Canary & Fancy Colored Diamonds

Loose Moissanite

Moissanite is one of our most popular stones for many reasons. First and foremost is value. Moissanite gives sparkling white color and durability that rivals diamonds at a fantastic price. As moissanite is lab created, it is affordable, sustainable and ethically sourced making it incredibly popular with engagement ring setting, earrings and necklaces. Browse our extensive collection of Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite and Harro Gem Moissanite.

Loose Charles and Colvard 7 Harro Gem Moissanite

Loose Lab Created Diamonds

By popular demand, we've added a Lab Created Diamond collection, so you can complete your lab grown diamond search with us! These are not "fake diamonds," to be called a "diamond" our lab grown diamond collection features thousands of diamonds that are physical and chemical equivalents to their naturally mined cousins diamonds. The exact same sparkle, the same color and the same durability at a more affordable price.

Loose Lab-Created Diamonds

Loose Gemstones

Loose stone diamond alternatives aren't simply sparkling white stones, so don't overlook the colorful sparkle of colorful gemstones for your next setting. While we can source virtually any loose gemstone for jewelry, we've made a few of our favorites available online. Clearly labeled and up front, we offer natural and lab created gemstones...from timeless favorites like rubies and blue sapphires to peachy-pink morganite and more. Of course, if there's a gemstone that you want, our Personal Diamond and Gemstone Shoppers can find that perfect gemstone for you as well.

Loose Morganite and Gemstones

Personal Diamond & Gemstone Shopper

We understand that there are a lot of nuances to browsing loose stone diamonds for jewelry, that's where our Personal Diamond Shoppers come in. Our Personal Diamond Shoppers are GIA Graduate Gemologists who are looking for the absolute best value for your budget. It is a free service and they do not work on commission, they simply want to make sure that you maximize every dollar with as much value as possible. We rely on them as our resident experts.

Free Personal Diamond & Gemstone Shopper


Guided by Principles, Not Profit.

Take advantage of free unbiased diamond recommendations from one of our our non-commissioned GIA Graduate Gemologists.

Our loose stone diamond sales uphold the following principles:

  • Striking a Balance - We find diamonds that give the best value for your money by carefully balancing the 4 Cs and analyzing all characteristics that affect diamond quality.
  • Unbiased Sourcing - We search the world, not our own inventory, for the best diamonds available. When we suggest a diamond, it is because we truly believe in it and would buy it ourselves.
  • Strict Grading - We uphold the firm grading principles of GIA and personally inspect every diamond for sparkle and beauty before shipping it to you.


    Searching for certified diamonds?

    We've got you covered at deBebians. With multiple GIA graduate gemologists on staff, we can make sure you get the best loose stone natural diamonds at the best value. And because our staff does not work on commissions, you can trust us to help you discover the perfect diamonds from our vast virtual inventory. Search our collection of loose stone diamonds according to carat, cut, clarity, and color to uncover a beautiful stone at the price that fits your budget. All of our diamonds are graded by GIA graduate gemologists to ensure full transparency when selecting the right stones for your jewelry. We even offer ethically sourced diamonds, which are an ideal ethical alternative to traditional diamond jewelry.


    Besides our white and yellow diamond collections, you'll also be able to search for loose moissanite when you shop at deBebians. Moissanite provides the same level of sparkle and glamor as real diamonds but at a fraction of the price. You'll save hundreds or even thousands when you choose moissanite over diamonds, and no one will be able to tell the difference, even when viewing your jewelry up close. Like our moissanite rings for sale, these loose moissanites offer a great option for those who want significant savings while still enjoying a classic, timeless appearance for their jewelry.

    If you prefer a loose stone for your jewelry with a bit of color along with the savings of a diamond alternative gemstone, consider loose browsing our loose gemstones and morganite. Morganite is beautiful stone has a rosy color that looks absolutely lovely as part of many types of jewelry, including engagement rings. Morganite has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it's an excellent option for those who want to stay on-trend.

    Whether a loose stone diamond, diamond alternative or gemstone is the right fit for you, you'll find a great fit when you shop at deBebians. Search our inventory on your own or let our personal diamond shoppers help you discover the right fit for your style and your budget. Our unbiased sourcing includes diamonds from all over the world (not just our own inventory), and our strict grading criteria ensures that every diamond and gemstone is carefully inspected before shipping. Shop now to find gorgeous loose stones for any jewelry design.


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