Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Show your admiration and love for her with a gorgeous tennis bracelet diamond studded with our premium stones. Find tennis bracelets for your special someone in carat weights ranging from 2 carats to 9 carat diamond sizes.

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4 ct Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB400-14
5 ct Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB500-14
5 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB501-14
5 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB502-14
4 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB401-14
6 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB602-14
6 ct Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB600-14
6 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB601-14
7 ct Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB702-14
7 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB700-14
7 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB701-14
8 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB802-14
8 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB801-14
9 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB901-14
9 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB900-14
2 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB202-14
3 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB301-14
Stackable Diamond Bangle Bracelet ITEM #: DBW-01
4 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB402-14
8 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB800-14
2 ct Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB200-14
2 Carat Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB201-14
3 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet ITEM #: DTB302-14

About Tennis Bracelets

The diamond tennis bracelet is a classic jewelry accessory with a long history of popularity. In the past, a gold bracelet featuring numerous round cut clear diamonds was called a diamond eternity bracelet. Some people still look for eternity bracelets and may be surprised to learn they're the exact same style of jewelry.

How Did the Eternity Bracelet Become a Tennis Bracelet?

The name change took place in 1987 thanks to a famous tennis player. Top U.S. women's tennis champion Chris Evert wore her eternity bracelet during a championship tournament tennis match. Unfortunately, her bracelet slipped off her wrist during volleys, and she subsequently had her match temporarily stopped so she could find it. Due to this incident, the bracelet became associated with tennis, leading to the name change. Ever since, women desired to own a Chris Evert tennis bracelet.

Sparkling Diamonds and Gold

Sparkling brilliant round cut diamonds look gorgeous paired with gold, which is the classic setting for this luxurious bracelet. Every diamond is hand selected by our skilled GIA graduate gemologists to ensure a high standard of quality. Choose your carat weight and then select a setting of 14K white gold, 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold.

Sparkling Diamonds and Platinum

Our tennis bracelets are available with platinum settings. Platinum is stronger than gold, extremely durable and hypoallergenic. This metal also has a natural white metal sheen, which looks stunning with our sparkling diamonds.

Bracelet Length

All deBebians diamond tennis bracelets for women come in lengths of 6.5 inches, 7 inches and 7.5 inches.

Lifetime Bracelet Maintenance

Keeping her beautiful tennis bracelet looking fabulous is easy with our lifetime maintenance guarantee. Maintenance includes periodic cleaning, polishing and prong tightening.

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