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Ruby engagement rings are the perfect gemstone alternative to the ever-popular diamond engagement ring. This fiery red jewel is an eternal symbol of romance and passion. Along with the sapphire, the ruby is part of the corundum gemstone family. It is also a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are rated 10). The Gemological Institute of America classifies ruby as having a “dominant red hue,” a distinction that separates rubies from pink sapphires and other similar-looking stones.

Our extensive selection of ruby jewelry means that you can find the exact ruby engagement ring you’re looking for to commemorate a major life event. Choose from a wide assortment of ruby halo engagement rings as well as other styles. Our rings include offerings like our hybrid ruby-diamond ring, which highlights a AAA-quality natural ruby centerpiece with sparkling, elegant diamonds. When you’re ready to take the next step, we also carry an exciting selection of ruby wedding rings.

At deBebians, we offer ruby engagement rings in a variety of shapes and carat weights. A deBebians staff GIA graduate gemologist will always hand-select the particular ruby used in your engagement ring, so you’re sure to get a high-quality stone that’s perfect for your ring’s design. Often, we will even email our clients a few ruby options to choose from so they can be part of the creation process. When shopping for a gemstone engagement ring at deBebians, be sure to consider a ruby engagement ring for its outstanding beauty, uniqueness and hardness.