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Create your own custom piece of jewelry with loose stone moissanite. At deBebians, all of our moissanite gemstones come from industry-leaders Charles and Colvard and Harro Gem, along with the newly crafted Kori Moissanite line. Kori Moissanite features incredible cuts with detail closely resembling the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. Our Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite comes in D-E-F colors (colorless) and feature the same brilliant sparkle you expect from a well-cut, unblemished diamond. We also carry Harro Gems custom cut moissanite in many shapes and sizes. When you choose moissanite stones instead of diamonds, you’ll save money while getting a more eco-friendly and ethical option.

The first moissanite particles were discovered in an Arizona crater in 1893. The French scientist who discovered them, Henri Moissan, was surprised to find that he hadn’t come across actual diamonds. The similarity in appearance between moissanites and diamonds is uncanny, but moissanites are made of silicon carbide rather than carbon.

Today, moissanites are created in labs, because natural moissanite is so incredibly rare. In addition to preserving a high level of quality, this ensures that modern moissanite stones have a much lower environmental impact compared to diamonds, and are more ethically sourced, as well. On top of all that, they’re also much more affordable than diamonds, while still being durable enough for daily wear.

These moissanite loose stones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for the piece of jewelry you have in mind. Our Forever One moissanites include many of the most popular cuts, including pear, emerald, marquise, cushion, oval and princess cut gems. Click on any stone in this collection to see more details along with size and customization options.

Whether you’re hoping to design an engagement ring, a wedding ring or another piece of jewelry, these loose moissanite stones are an excellent choice. Pair them with any of our settings to create a beautifully customized piece that’s just right for you or your loved one. With our lifetime maintenance guarantee, you’ll receive a gorgeous piece of jewelry that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.