Charles and Colvard Hearts and Arrows Forever One Moissanite




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  • Product Description

      Charles and Colvard Hearts and Arrows Forever One Colorless moissanite (D-E-F) featuring 58 facets. The Charles and Colvard Forever One round hearts and arrows moissanite exhibits hearts and arrows and features a heart with an arrow symbol on the girdle of the moissanite along with the words "Forever One".



      Charles & Colvard Forever One Certificate of Authenticity
  • About Charles & Colvard

    • North Carolina-based Charles & Colvard is known for creating the world's most stunning moissanite stone. Forever One ™ Moissanite gemstones are magnificently colorless (equivalent to D-F color diamonds). These moissanite stones are typically 10% more brilliant than a diamond and have a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, comparable to a diamond's score of 10 (the hardest possible).
  • About Moissanite

    • Moissanite has another thing in common with diamonds - they're remarkably tough, despite their dazzling beauty. In fact, the only gemstone tougher than moissanite is the diamond. Pretty impressive, right? Its tough composition means the jewelry you create with loose moissanite stones has excellent durability. Moissanite also ranks highly for scratch-resistance.

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