Diamond Anatomy

To help educate our customers on some of the finer points of loose diamonds, we present this short illustrated guide on the basic parts of a diamond.

Crown: The upper portion of the diamond encompassing the total area above the girdle, including the table.

Culet: A tiny facet at the very bottom of the diamond.

Girdle: The outer edges of the diamond where the upper and lower facets meet.

Pavilion: The lower portion of the diamond encompassing the total area below the girdle, including the culet.

Table: The flat facet on the top of the diamond.

Diameter: The length or width of a round diamond.

Length: The measurement from the top to bottom of the diamond when facing up.

Width: The measurement from side to side when facing up.

Table Size: The length of the table.

Total Depth: The measurement from the table to the culet.
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