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Kori Moissanite Round Hearts & Arrows

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Kori Moissanite updated the classic moissanite round cut with our expert gemstone cutters to include precise hearts and arrows faceting. The result is an immaculate, round brilliant cut gemstone that features the symmetrical hearts and arrows design under special magnification. We offer our hearts and arrows round moissanite from 0.80 carats to 7.00 carats making it an ideal stone for an engagement ring or solitaire necklace. This VVS clarity moissanite features 58 facets and has an E-F color grade.

Kori Moissanite Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available Sizes (custom sizing also available)
  • 6mm (Approx. 0.80ct.)
  • 6.5mm (Approx. 1.00ct.)
  • 7mm (Approx. 1.25ct.)
  • 7.5mm (Approx. 1.50ct.)
  • 8mm (Approx. 2.00ct.)
  • 8.5mm (Approx. 2.50ct.)
  • 8.75mm (Approx. 2.75ct.)
  • 9mm (Approx. 3.00ct.)
  • 9.5mm (Approx. 3.50ct.)
  • 10mm (Approx. 4.00ct.)
  • 10.5mm (Approx. 4.50ct.)
  • 11mm (Approx. 5.00ct.)
  • 11.5mm (Approx. 5.80ct.)
  • 12mm (Approx. 7.00ct.)
  • About Kori Moissanite

    Kori Moissanite is the signature line of moissanite exclusively developed by deBebians. It encompasses the clear, clean beauty of its namesake, which literally translates to 'ice' in Japanese. Our moissanite is a collaboration of love and labor between our founders, who are two GIA graduate gemologists, and expert diamond and gemstone cutters that have over 50 years of experience. The result is a colorless moissanite that most closely resembles the same fire and brilliance of a natural diamond due to our extensive research to develop new faceting and cutting techniques. With our emphasis on ethical sustainability and beauty, we are pleased to offer VVS clarity precision-cut E-F color (colorless) moissanite in an array of shapes and sizes, including: Asscher, Cushion, Elongated Cushion, Elongated Radiant, Emerald, Heart Shaped, Marquise, Old European Cut, Oval, Pear, Princess, Round Brilliant, and Square Radiant Cut Kori Moissanite. We also offer custom shapes and sizes of Kori Moissanite. Please contact our jewelry experts for custom cut moissanite inquiries and pricing.

    Moissanite Information
  • Moissanite Origin: Lab created
  • Inside Band Engraving Examples

    The examples below show the two engraving styles that we offer for the inside band.

    Ring Inside Band Engraving Styles

    About Moissanite Carat Weight

    The carat weights shown are based on DEW (Diamond Equivalent Weight). Moissanite is approximately 10-15% lighter than a diamond, therefore these are approximate weights based on the millimeter size of similar size, shape and cut of a diamond.

    Why do you use DEW for moissanite? For many, it's hard to translate millimeter dimensions into carat weight, therefore utilizing DEW, it's a lot easier to get an idea of the size of the moissanite.

    NOTE: Manufacturing / Processing Time - 21 to 25 days

    Kori Moissanite Round Hearts & Arrows


    Product Order FAQs

    When will this ship?

    We manufacture pieces to order, here in Los Angeles. The vast majority of pieces ship within 8-12 business days, and each product lists the expected production / processing time.

    What if it doesn't fit?

    If a ring that you purchased doesn't fit, simply contact us and we can assist with resizing the ring. There is no cost to ring resizing for the first 30 days (you are only charged shipping).

    Do you have a showroom?

    From 2005 until 2020, we did have a small showroom in Los Angeles, however we closed the showroom to expand our business office.

    I would like to create something custom...

    We specialize in custom jewelry design. For example, if can be as simple of a customization as "Change the head of Ring X to the head on Ring Y" or you can come to us with something completely original.

    Free Insured Shipping

    All products ship for free. Each package includes insurance, and because of the nature of jewelry, signatures will be required for delivery.

    You can upgrade shipping if you would like, however all pieces do have a manufacturing time, so if you were to upgrade to overnight shipping, the piece will ship overnight upon the manufacture of the piece (on most items this is 8 - 12 business days). Please contact us after you place your order if you have a tighter deadline.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    We stand behind our products and guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. We provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our fine jewelry. If you experience a defect with your purchase due to manufacturing, we recommend you to contact us.

    We will repair or replace the item without charge, if it is found to be defective. However, a shipping and processing fee will apply. To ensure your jewelry remains in top condition, we recommend having it professionally checked at least once a year.


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