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Quick reference guide for stamped jewelry:

Stamp Meaning
925 Silver
10k or 10kt 10 karat gold
14k or 14kt or 585 14 karat gold
18k or 18kt or 750 18 karat gold
PD Palladium
PT or PT950 or PT900 or 950 or 900 Platinum (numbers indicate 90% or 95% purity)


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Q. What's better: gold, white gold or platinum? And why?
A. Platinum is the best in terms of being the most valuable. Gold is very nice, especially 18kt gold, and looks good against a warm skin tone. White gold is also good if you like the look of platinum but cannot afford platinum or would rather put the money towards larger diamonds or gemstones. Click here to shop platinum jewelry.


Q. What do the markings on my ring mean? It just says 10k.
A. 10k refers to 10 karat gold, which means that it is 41.7% gold. Similarly, a 14 karat gold ring would be stamped 14k or 14kt and an 18 karat gold ring would show 18k or 18kt. Click here to shop gold rings.


Q. What does this one particular symbol mean? It's shaped as two hands holding a heart and there's a crown on the top of the heart. She told me there's a story behind the ring but I couldn't remember clearly now. It was about some king who lost his favorite woman, so he decided to build this ring or something... Does anyone know about the story?? Thanks.
A. That's called a claddagh ring, and it's a popular Irish ring. There are various origin stories. You can read about it on Wikipedia. Click here to shop Celtic wedding rings.


Q. Ring finger size help? I want to get my girlfriend a ring but I don't know her ring size. I don't want her to figure out that I'm getting her a ring. We live long distance so I was wondering if I give a description about her size, can someone tell me or suggest what ring size she is. She is about 5'1" and only 95-98 lbs, pretty skinny. Sorry if this isn't descriptive enough. I appreciate all the help.
A. I would guess that she is anywhere from a size 4 to a size 5, based on her height and weight. The average woman is a size 6 to a size 7. You could ask her friends or family if they know her finger size. If you do guess, you should buy from a place that will allow you to exchange for a different size or is a ring that can be sized easily. The chances of guessing a finger size and getting it exactly right is very tricky unfortunately... everyone is different, and some people have large knuckles, or long slender fingers, or short stubby ones. If it's not a promise ring or an engagement ring, it might be easier for you to buy her earrings or a necklace as a gift. Click here to shop gifts for girlfriends.


Q. Which one is more costly? Gold or white gold?
A. They are usually the same price. However, white gold requires periodic rhodium plating in order to keep it looking very white. So over time, the white gold ring could cost a little more in maintenance. Click here to shop gold rings.


Q. How do I know if I will be able to get my ring sized bigger? We just got my engagement ring and it is about a half a size too small. I totally fell in love with it so I couldn't pass it up. It is a past, present and future diamond setting with about 3 diamonds down each side. The whole back of the ring is solid. What will determine whether I will be able to have them size it up one size? I am so nervous now that I won't be able to and it will have been a waste. Please help me out!
A. I think you should be able to have it sized, but there are a couple of factors that come into play: the type of metal and the ring design. From what you have described, it sounds like a fairly simple ring consisting of a plain band with six to nine diamonds. If it's a gold ring, then most any jeweler can size it for you very easily. You can expect to pay around $20 or more, depending on where you live. If it's another type of metal like platinum, titanium or bronze, you will have to find a specialist who works with that type of material.


Q. How do you clean white gold? I have an engagement ring that is white gold with white diamonds. Over the years it has gotten dirty and appears to be discoloring underneath. Is there any way I can clean it at home or does anyone know of any affordable and effective solutions I can buy?
A. If possible, I would get it professionally cleaned and inspected. Prices vary, and some places might do it for free. A nice jewelry store with an in-house jeweler will offer to clean your ring while you're browsing the showcases. It's a simple process, and it's good to have it done at least once a year just to make sure the diamonds are not loose or chipped. If you don't have time for that, you can try this at home: For gold or platinum diamond jewelry, combine one part ammonia (e.g. Windex) with one part water. Let the jewelry soak overnight. Use a soft toothbrush to clean crevices. Don't forget to plug the drain. Use a drain stopper in the sink if you choose to clean your jewelry in or around the sink. Please note that these are recommendations only, and we are not responsible for what may happen in unusual or unforeseen circumstances.


Q. What does a shared prong diamond ring setting look like?
A. A shared prong setting is one in which two prongs are holding two diamonds, one diamond on either side of the prongs. The diamonds can be any shape (round, princess, cushion, Asscher, etc.). This is a secure setting that allows for less metal and therefore more light to go through the diamonds. Click here to shop diamond eternity bands in a shared prong setting.


Q. How much does a 2.3 ct. diamond cushion cost?
A. Diamond prices will range depending on color, clarity, certification, etc. There are many factors when pricing a diamond. For example, currently (as of March 18, 2013) a 2.30 ct. D color, IF GIA certified diamond could sell for $65,000 on up. However, a G color, SI1 cushion cut diamond with the same carat weight and GIA certification could sell for $23,000 on up. Click here to shop loose diamonds.


Q. Does a solitare diamond look good in a square halo setting?
A. Yes! We can make any shape halo for any shape diamond. We have lots of customers who purchase a princess cut diamond (square shape) but want a more rounded, cushion shaped halo setting. With CAD, we can create the exact diamond halo you desire for your center diamond. Click here to shop halo engagement rings.


Q. How much does a diamond halo ring cost?
A. deBebians offers halo engagement rings starting from just $2140.00 (setting only). Click here to shop halo engagement rings.


Q. Does 18 kt white gold need rhodium?
A. All white gold is rhodium plated. 18kt white gold is actually 75% yellow gold. All white gold is rhodium plated for that super white look. Rhodium will wear off as it's just a surface treatment. However, it's very easy to just send the ring back for us to clean, check any diamonds and re-rhodium.


Q. How long does it take to engrave a ring?
A. Most of our engraving is done here in our office which takes anywhere from 1-2 business days. Our hand engraving can take a few days longer, about 3-4 business days.


Q. How much does a pure titanium ring 8 mm size 12 weigh?
A. Gram weight for titanium rings can vary slightly depending on the thickness of the ring. However, a domed 8mm titanium ring in finger size 12 will weigh approximately 5 grams. Click here to shop titanium wedding bands.


Q. What does a band with five diamonds mean?
A. A five stone diamond ring symbolizes the stages of your relationship including friendship and marriage all the way to the birth of a child. A five stone ring can also be a way to symbolize a five year wedding anniversary. Many couples purchase five stone rings as a wedding ring, a five year wedding anniversary gift or even to celebrate the birth of a child. Click here to shop 5 stone diamond rings.


Q. When you order an engagement ring how long does it take to receive it?
A. All of our engagement rings are manufactured once your order is placed. This means that we manufacture the ring for you in the metal, finger size, diamond quality, etc., that you purchase. Manufacturing time can vary but typically you will receive the ring anywhere from one to two weeks after your purchase is made. Click here to shop engagement rings.


Q. On which finger does a man wear a signet ring?
A. Of course it's personal preference but men typically wear a signet ring on either their ring finger or their pinky finger. Click here to shop signet rings.


Q. Does a bigger table make a round diamond appear bigger?
A. A larger table can make a diamond appear larger. However, it is important to stay within the proper table percentage range to maximize the brilliance and sparkle. The preferred table percentage range for round diamonds is 55% to 65%. This is indicated by the cut grade assigned to the diamond. Click here to shop loose diamonds.


Q. Does a double halo cost more than a single halo?
A. This depends on the total carat weight. A double halo may contain more diamonds and can therefore sometimes be more expensive. It really all depends though on the total carat weight, color and clarity. Click here to shop double halo engagement rings.


Q. Does a wedding band fit inside a split shank?
A. A wedding band can be manufactured to fit inside a split shank. It really depends on the style of the split shank ring as well as the style of wedding ring you are seeking. Another option is to have a wedding ring made that can sit flush against one side of the split shank engagement ring. Click here to shop custom engagement rings and wedding bands.


Q. How long does it take an engagement ring to be sized?
A. The time to size an engagement ring depends on the style of the ring and how much work would be involved. Typically, we can size most engagement rings within a few business days. Click here to shop engagement rings.


Q. How many carats does a 7 inch tennis bracelet have?
A. The length of a tennis bracelet has nothing to do with the total diamond carat weight of a bracelet. We sell tennis bracelets from 2.00 cttw to 9.00 cttw, and all are available in 6.5, 7 and 7.5 inches. Click here to shop tennis bracelets.


Q. How much does a 1.83 ct. yellow diamond cost?
A. Diamonds with the same carat weight can vary in price based on color and clarity. With yellow diamonds, the intensity of the color can drastically increase the price. Fancy yellow diamonds are graded from faint to fancy deep in terms of color intensity. The price can vary significantly for a 1.83 ct. yellow diamond. Click here to shop yellow diamonds.


Q. How much does a 2mm eternity pave ring cost?
A. A 2mm eternity pave ring can range in price depending on the metal as well as the quality of diamonds used. Our 2mm pave eternity rings start at $960.00. Click here to shop diamond eternity bands.


Q. How much does a loose 5.5 ct. round diamond cost?
A. A 5.50 ct. round diamond can vary significantly in price depending on the color and clarity. Click here to shop loose diamonds.


Q. What does a real black diamond look like?
A. A real black diamond is faceted like a typical diamond. Typically a black diamond is opaque, meaning that light is not able to penetrate it. Click here to shop black diamond jewelry.


Q. How long does it take to buy an engagement ring?
A. Customers spend all different amounts of time when they are purchasing an engagement ring. There really is no right amount of time. Just make sure to spend time doing research and educating yourself on loose diamonds and engagement rings. Click here to shop engagement rings.


Q. Does a halo make a diamond look bigger?
A. Absolutely! A diamond set surrounded by a halo of diamonds or gemstones will appear larger than a just a diamond by itself. Click here to shop halo engagement rings.


Q. Can you add an eternity band to your wedding ring set and how does that look?
A. An eternity ring is a great ring to add to your wedding ring set. Customers purchase all diamond and diamond and gemstone eternity rings to stack next to their wedding sets. Click here to shop eternity bands.


Q. Does 14 kt white gold need less rhodium than 18 kt white gold?
A. All white gold is rhodium plated. 14kt white gold is a less pure gold (58.5%) as opposed to 18kt white gold (75% gold) so yes, it may require rhodium plating a little less often.


Q. Does a cushion cut diamond work in a halo setting?
A. Absolutely! Cushion cut diamonds are gorgeous in halo settings. The great thing about our halo settings is that we can manufacture the halo in whatever shape you are seeking. For example, we can set a cushion cut diamond into a square halo setting or we can set a cushion cut diamond into a cushion shaped halo engagement ring. Click here to shop halo engagement rings.


Q. Does a square halo setting need to be modified for a round center stone?
A. No, a round diamond can fit perfectly into a square halo setting. We manufacture each halo setting specifically for each diamond so there is no gap between the diamond and the halo. This is the correct way to manufacture a halo ring so that the diamond and halo are a perfect fit. Click here to shop halo engagement rings.


Q. Does a bezel halo engagement ring appear larger than a prong halo engagement ring?
A. Not necessarily. A bezel setting hugs the girdle of the diamond (the perimeter of the diamond) so typically bezel set diamonds are set a little lower than prong set diamonds. This doesn't make a diamond appear any smaller though. Click here to shop halo engagement rings.


Q. Are F-G diamond stones the good kind?
A. F color diamonds are considered "colorless" and G color diamonds are "near colorless." F-G color diamonds will face up white and show no yellowish body color.


Q. How long does it take to make a custom made engagement ring?
A. The length of time to make a custom engagement ring can vary depending on the design and the labor involved. Typically the average time to custom manufacture an engagement ring is about 2 weeks. Click here to shop custom engagement rings.


Q. How long does it take to set an engagement ring?
A. Setting a center diamond takes only about 2-3 hours. An engagement ring with more diamonds can take anywhere from 1-6 business days with the diamond setter. For example, style # HT5011 has about 200 pave set diamonds. A ring such as this can take upwards of one full week with our diamond setter. Click here to shop engagement rings.


Q. My 5.00 ct. oval diamond does not sparkle (not purchased from deBebians).
A. The sparkle of a diamond depends on many factors. Cut grade is extremely important in determining how much a diamond will sparkle. If a diamond isn't cut to proper proportions, it may lack sparkle and brilliance. Click here to shop loose diamonds.

(Please note: Every loose diamond we sell is personally inspected by our GIA graduate gemologists, who are very picky about the quality of diamonds we allow to be shipped to the customer. We work closely with our customers to understand what they want and make sure all expectations are met.)


Q. What does a ring mean as a gift?
A. Giving a ring as a gift can mean many different things. Some customers present a ring as a promise ring while others propose marriage with a ring. Click here to shop gifts.


Q. What does a typical mens platinum wedding band weigh?
A. Platinum ring weights will vary depending on the width, design and/or finger size. Our platinum comfort fit rings are 2mm thick. For approximate measurements, please click here to view ring weight charts, or click here to shop mens platinum wedding bands..


Q. What does G-H body color grade mean in diamonds?
A. G-H color diamonds are considered "near colorless." True G-H color diamonds will have no yellowish tint or body color.


Q. What does girdle medium faceted (3.5%) mean?
A. The girdle of a diamond is graded from extremely thin to extremely thick. There are eight girdle grades. A girdle can be polished, polished and faceted or not polished. A recommend girdle is anywhere from very thin to slightly thick. The thicker the girdle, the more diamond weight you won't see face up in terms of the overall mm size of the diamond. Click here to shop loose diamonds.


Q. What does PT950 and 18 kt mean on a ring?
A. PT950 means that the ring is platinum 950 — meaning it's 95% platinum, the standard used in fine jewelry. 18kt means a ring is 18kt gold. We sell 18kt rings, platinum rings and platinum & 18kt rings.


Q. What metals does 18kt yellow gold consist of?
A. 18kt yellow gold consists of 75% gold with other alloys, such as nickel, mixed in.


Q. Where does deBebians get its diamonds?
A. At deBebians, we maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding conflict diamonds. We strictly adhere to the mandates of the Kimberley Process and absolutely do not engage in any business concerning conflict or blood diamonds. We work only with reputable diamond suppliers who are public affiliates of the global diamond industry and have fully complied with the Kimberley Process. All of our diamonds are purchased through these legal and legitimate channels and are guaranteed to be conflict free. We are proud members of the global diamond industry, and your purchase of a conflict-free, beautiful diamond is our priority. Click here to shop loose diamonds.


Q. I have a yellow gold colored bangle bracelet marked TS.7000. There are other letters and numbers I can't make out. Can you help me identify the TS.7000 mark?
A. All jewelry is typically stamped with both the metal as well as the manufacturer's stamp. Typically the metal stamps are in numbers (585 for 14kt gold, 750 for 18kt gold, 925 for silver, 900 or 950 for platinum). Sometimes you may just see an actual stamp that says 14kt, 18kt, plat or even pt. This is indicating the type of metal. From what I can tell, the TS.7000 mark inside you gold colored bangle bracelet is most likely the manufacturer's stamp and/or a style number.


Q. Hello, I have this tic tac toe brooch that's stamped T & Co 18k & Paloma Picasso BUT it's also stamped sterling on the opposite side. It weighs 6.3 grams & it's also the same measurement as identical pieces, my question is: What's the sterling stamp for? Identical tic tac toe brooches don't have the sterling mark. I had it examined & electronically tested to be 100% solid 18k gold.
A. Every piece of jewelry must be stamped with a metal stamp. The fact that there is an 18kt stamp as well as a sterling silver stamp leads me to believe that this tic tac toe brooch features both 18kt as well as sterling silver...or at least it once did. Does the tic tac toe brooch appear to be two tone or perhaps a piece of it has broken off? I hope this helps!


Q. I was wondering which would suit a .76 carat round diamond better, a 4 prong or 6 prong setting? Does one setting over the other make the diamond appear smaller or larger?
A. Most people feel a six prong head makes a round diamond look more round when looking from the top view. A four prong head tends to makes a round diamond appear squarer from the top as the four prongs are positioned in the 2, 4, 8, and 11 o'clock positions. On a six prong setting you will see less diamond from the side because of the two extra prongs. A four prong mounting features less metal and more diamond from every angle. I personally don't think one setting makes a diamond appear smaller or larger; it is more a matter of preference. Both setting styles are very popular and either style would work for a diamond of any carat weight.


Q. I found a tennis bracelet with the letters P D stamped inside it. What does it mean?
A. The P D stamp could mean that the metal of the bracelet is palladium. Is this bracelet a white metal? Palladium is a naturally white metal in the platinum family. It doesn't require rhodium plating like white gold and it is also hypoallergenic. I hope this helps! Enjoy your newfound tennis bracelet! Click here to shop tennis bracelets.


Q. On a budget, looking at diamond engagement rings, should I stay away from I1-I2 when it comes to clarity?
A. Searching for a diamond that is I1 and/or I2 clarity should possibly be considered if you are on a budget looking for an engagement ring. Typically, I1 and I2 clarity diamonds will have inclusions visible to the naked eye, meaning that you will be able to see inclusions without 10X magnification. Some people do not want to see any imperfections in their diamond to the naked eye, so for these customers, I wouldn't recommend I1 or I2 diamonds. However, if you are seeking size and do not really care about seeing imperfections to the naked eye, definitely consider lower clarity diamonds. It's truly personal preference. Click here to shop engagement rings.


Q. I was given a bracelet that has PAS or PA8 stamped on it as well as THA or THAI stamped on it is there anyway to tell if the bracelet is real by those stamps? It is very small so I can hardly read it even with a magnify glass.
A. Typically jewelry is stamped with the metal type as well who actually manufactured the piece. Often times too, jewelry is engraved with a personal message or initials when it is given as a gift. It is possible that this could the case. The best way to test this item is to take it locally and have it appraised. An appraiser will let you know the metal type, stone quality (if applicable) and a current replacement value of the item.


Q. My 5-plus carat diamond bracelet has 3.5 engraved on the clasp behind. What does this number mean?
A. It is possible that the 3.5 that you see engraved on the clasp is the actual gram weight of the bracelet mounting prior to the diamonds being set.


Q. I have a single diamond ring. It's white gold, and inside the band it has a 7 and an arrow. What does this mean?
A. Is there any other engraving inside the ring? It is possible that this is some sort of personalized engraving that was put inside the ring when it was given as a gift. Typically all jewelry is stamped with the metal and the manufacturer's stamp. It is also possible that this is the manufacturer's stamp.


Q. I found a 1908 men's wedding band and stamped in the inside is 014ky. Does anyone know what that means?
A. I'm thinking that perhaps the 014ky stands for 14kt yellow gold. Typically all jewelry is stamped with the metal type so that is what I believe this to be. Hope this helps!


Q. Hi I have a 6" tennis bracelet with just pd stamped on the back of the clasp, what does that mean? Any obvious signs you can point out to figure out the value?
A. I would assume the pd is stamped to represent the metal which is most likely palladium. Value really depends on the carat weight and quality of the diamonds. The best way to determine value would be to have the bracelet appraised.


Q. What is the significance of a 7 diamond cluster ring?
A. Seven diamonds in a cluster ring can represent whatever you want them to. For example, a three stone ring represents the past, present and future but some may say it represents their partner, themselves and perhaps a brand new baby. This is also true for a 7 stone ring. A seven stone diamond ring can signify anything with the number 7, such as a seven year wedding anniversary.


Q. I have a ring that has an arrow and G stamped on it. What does that mean?
A. It is very possible that this is the mark of the manufacturer. All jewelry should be stamped with the metal type as well as the manufacturer's stamp.


Q. I am thinking of buying a yellow gold ten


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