Platinum Wedding Bands

Go a step above the ordinary with luxurious platinum wedding bands for men and women. Find a plain platinum wedding band or a snazzy platinum wedding band to wear on the most important day of your life - your wedding day.

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Natural White Sheen

Platinum is an incredible metal to gaze at when holding a ring fashioned from platinum in your hand. Much of its ring popularity is due to sheen quality. Platinum gleams with the beauty of white gold, but it's even better because its white sheen is all natural. As platinum ages, it develops a unique patina, which you can easily polish away or enjoy as is.

Excellent Durability

Platinum has a good amount of density and this makes it one of the strongest jewelry metals available. While platinum has been around for hundreds of years, its use as a jewelry metal only gained popular after World War II. That's because it took that long to find a way to tame its toughness enough to make fine rings and other jewelry. Today, platinum rings are treasured for their durability.

Platinum's Purity

Platinum is a rare metal that has a 95 percent purity level. That means every platinum ring you buy contains mostly platinum with just 5 percent alloy content. Also, there's no nickel used in platinum rings, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a white metal hypoallergenic wedding ring.

Platinum Men's Ring

We've got a great selection of platinum rings for men, making it easy to find an awesome wedding ring or fashion ring to wear whenever you feel like. We offer platinum bands in medium, large and extra-large sizes to fit every man's ring finger. The style choices are fantastic, and when browsing you'll find everything from men's wedding band hammered styles to two-tone gold textured designs.

Platinum Women's Ring

Women love platinum rings too. Our unisex wedding band styles look stunning on women's ring fingers, making them ideal for matching wedding ring sets.

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