Celtic Wedding Rings

Indulge your love of Celtic culture while saying your vows wearing a custom Celtic ring. Browse our collection of stunning Celtic ring designs for men and women looking for quality Irish folk rings made of high-quality metals.

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Celtic Knot Ring in Platinum ITEM #: BM-831PT
6.5mm White Gold Celtic Ring ITEM #: BMLA-828
14k Gold Celtic Knot Ring ITEM #: BMLA-833
Two Tone Celtic Knot Ring for Men ITEM #: BMLA-938
Gold Celtic Ring Link Design ITEM #: BMLA-941
Celtic Knots Ring Two Tone ITEM #: BMLA-835
9.5mm Celtic Ring ITEM #: BMLA-738
9.5mm Celtic Wedding Ring ITEM #: BMLA-739
8mm Celtic Ring for Men ITEM #: BMLA-736
8mm Mens Celtic Ring ITEM #: BMLA-737
8mm Celtic Ring Men ITEM #: BMLA-837
9mm Unique Celtic Wedding Ring ITEM #: BMLA-730
Celtic Knot Engagement Ring ITEM #: HE298

Celtic Knot Rings

The Celtic knot is one of the most well-known symbols of Irish culture. Also known as the trinity knot, this iconic symbol is steeped in mythology, and it also has deep religious meaning. The classic Celtic knot appears as symbol of universal interconnectedness. The knot can also be a symbol of family love and unity, or unity between a loving couple.

Choose a gold Celtic knot ring in classic yellow or white colors. You may also find some knot rings crafted of sturdy platinum. Some designs feature a traditional trinity knot, and some knot designs offer an interesting twist. Other popular knot designs include the Celtic love knot, Celtic shield knot, Celtic spiral knot and the Celtic Dara knot.

Celtic Fleur de Lis Rings

The fleur de lis is a stylistic adaptation of a lily flower popularized by the French monarchy. While not traditionally Irish, the symbol is sometimes used in Celtic jewelry design. Our designs feature a bold symbol rendered in white or yellow gold.

Unique Celtic Rings

Celtic rings have evolved to the point where you'll often find rings featuring uniquely creative designs based on traditional concepts. All unique rings are inspired by Celtic culture. Your eye may be drawn to a ring's abstract symbolism or unique color choice. If you're looking for a custom Celtic ring, you'll find intriguing patterns with plenty of Irish spirit.

Metal Choices

Find wonderfully detailed Celtic wedding rings crafted of the finest quality 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold or 18K gold. If you're a platinum ring admirer, some of our Celtic wedding rings are crafted in all platinum, or a combination of platinum and 18K gold. Whether you choose a one-color ring or a two-tone ring, all our rings meet the highest craftsmanship standards.

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