Titanium Wedding Bands

Celebrate an exciting new chapter in your life with titanium wedding bands. Browse this collection to find numerous ring style choices made from this ultra-strong metal. There are many reasons to love titanium, and its affordability compared to precious gold metal is a big one. Another reason to choose titanium is for its natural hypoallergenic properties. Most people with sensitive skin can wear titanium rings with ease.

Ultimately, you want a wedding band that looks awesome on your finger, and we've got a large selection of fashionable choices.

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Black Titanium Ring for Men ITEM #: BMTB-229
Titanium Ring for Men ITEM #: BMTB-198
5mm Ladies Titanium Ring ITEM #: BMTB-155
6mm Titanium Wedding Band ITEM #: BMTB-31
8mm Titanium Mens Ring ITEM #: BMTB3
Matte Titanium Ring ITEM #: BMTB-8
Brushed Titanium Ring ITEM #: BMTB-32
Thin Titanium Ring ITEM #: BMTB-21
Gents Titanium Ring ITEM #: BMTB-28

Ultimately, you want a wedding band that looks awesome on your finger, and we've got a large selection of fashionable choices.

Classy Unisex Styles for Everyone

Our collection of unisex titanium wedding bands makes it easier for you to create a matching his and her wedding band set. While some of our titanium rings are associated with a specific gender, all our rings come in standard ring sizes of 4 to 13, including half sizes. Use our "Shop by Width" tool to find a 4 mm to 5mm titanium wedding band, or any specific size. Effectively, our rings are gender-neutral, and you're free to choose any titanium ring you find most flattering for you.

Are you interested in a couple's matching set, but both partners can't agree on the style? Instead of choosing a single style, consider resolving the issue by selecting two different styles that have similarities. For example, one partner chooses a ring featuring one groove and the other partner picks one with two or more grooves. Similar, yet different, works with any number of style combinations. 

High Polish or Matte Finish?

Shop for titanium rings based on your ring finish preference. Rings with a high polish are so shiny, you can see reflections. Other rings feature a toned down matte finish. If you desire the look of brushed titanium wedding bands for men and women, a matte finish is the same thing. You can have the best of both finish worlds when you choose either matte or high-polish rings featuring both finishes in the same design. 

Cool Mixed Metal Styles

Colored titanium wedding bands usually combine this popular grey metal with another popular metal. Contemporary metal combinations include eye-catching yellow gold and titanium and chic silver and titanium.

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