The Beauty of Rose Gold

Rose gold rings

What is rose gold? Rose gold — also called pink or red gold — is made by incorporating copper into its composition. Gold jewelry in general — whether it’s yellow gold, white gold or rose gold — is a percentage of pure gold mixed with various metal alloys to make it durable enough to wear; and in the case of rose gold, copper is added as one of the alloys. The amount of copper used will dictate how the color will be described — as red, rose or pink gold.


History of rose gold: Rose gold came into prominence in 19th century Russia, where it became known as Russian gold, a now antiquated term. Then in 1924, French jeweler Louis Cartier released his very successful trinity ring, featuring three interlocking rings of 18-karat white, yellow and rose gold. Most recently, Tiffany helped bring the look of rose gold back in a big way with its trademarked Rubedo (meaning “red” in Latin) metal, a pink mixture of gold, silver and copper, in 2012.


Wearing rose gold: "Rose gold is warmer in color, so a lot of people who find yellow gold 'too yellow' often like rose gold," says Olivia, a staff GIA graduate gemologist at deBebians. "People with pink in their skin tone tend to do very well wearing rose gold too. It also plays into the more feminine color schemes with its rose color."


Fashionable trends: When it comes to fashion, the options are endless. "A gold dress can be paired with rose gold jewelry and rose gold shoes, for example," says Jaclyn, deBebians' social media expert. "This is particularly popular for holiday or party attire. Women are also mixing metal types for jewelry. They can mix and match rose gold pieces with either white metal or yellow gold jewelry for a fun, fresh look."

With jewelry, mixing metal colors is a great look, particularly with our tri color or two tone rolling rings, stackable eternity rings, and tri color handmade rings for men. And then, of course, there are rose gold engagement rings — a very romantic choice.


Rose gold engagement rings: With engagement ring settings, rose gold can be used as an accent — with only one part of the ring featuring this pink color — or the entire ring can be crafted out of rose gold. One of the most famous engagement rings featuring rose gold is Katie Holmes’ engagement ring from Tom Cruise. Holmes’ ring features a setting crafted in platinum and rose gold. A more recent example is Blake Lively’s rose gold engagement ring, given to her by Ryan Reynolds. Lively’s ring paired rose gold with a lovely light pink oval diamond, a very feminine look.

Pink gemstones — including morganite, pink sapphires, pink diamonds, pink topaz, pink tourmaline, kunzite — look amazing when set in rose gold. Currently, deBebians offers morganite engagement rings and pink sapphire accented engagement rings in 14-karat rose gold, and most of our engagement rings are available in rose gold — simply choose rose gold from the drop-down option on the product page. We also can custom manufacture just about any rose gold engagement ring upon request.

Rose gold rings