Get the Look: Emily Blunt’s Monogram Disk Pendant

engraved necklace monogram

This gold disk pendant is Style # ED137Y and measures 19mm across. Our customer selected to have the monogram hand-engraved, which is beautiful and makes this an heirloom quality piece.

We offer both white and yellow gold monogram disk pendant options that can be engraved with the font and style of your choice.

If you saw one of the year’s funniest movies of the year, “The Five-Year Engagement,” you would have noticed Emily Blunt’s character’s favorite accessory–a monogram disk pendant.  Blunt’s character, Violet, can be seen wearing the stunning gold monogram necklace is every scene.

A monogram necklace is the perfect engagement gift for a bride-to-be, especially if she is choosing to change her last name to that of her partner’s.  A monogram disk pendant that bears her maiden initials will have everlasting value and meaning for the bride.

deBebians offers a large array of gold disk pendants in varying sizes in both white and yellow gold. We also offer different engraving styles to perfect the piece to your liking.  These statement necklaces are the perfect accessories because they can be worn with virtually anything, as they can be dressed up or dressed down.

We love the look of Emily Blunt’s monogram disk pendant. What do you think? If you choose to get the hand-engraving, it instantly turns your gold disk pendant into an heirloom quality piece. Above, you can see that one of our customers selected the hand-engraving option for the interlocking monogram. The attention to detail is undeniable.

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