Personalized Gold Necklaces

What's in a name? Everything! Especially when it comes to our selection of classic and contemporary personalized gold necklaces. Now is the perfect time to turn any initial representing a first or last name, or any spelled out name into a snazzy gold necklace to treasure forever.

Round Gold Disc Style

Are you looking for the right gold discs necklace that looks awesome when accessorizing casual or sporty outfits? Browse our selection of custom letter necklaces featuring disc pendants crafted of solid 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold or 14K rose gold. Sizes of our gold discs range from small to large for versatility of appearance. The spherical shape of a flat disc makes an outstanding backdrop for engraved letters or embedded stones.

Carved Pendant Style

We offer updated versions of the vintage carved letter pendant gold style with or without a border. The vintage monogram font style features elaborate cursive initials for a time-honored elegant look. You can also find contemporary monogram initial designs in plain carved lettering.

How Many Letters Can I Get?

The number of custom initials you can request per gold initial pendant necklace depends on the design selected. Some letter pendants only have space for one initial. Other designs allow for up to three initials. To quickly find out, click on the necklace style and look for a letter or character box (character boxes allow for more than one letter).

A Beautifully Engraved Gold Pendant

Whatever style of disc you choose, you'll be getting a necklace featuring top-notch professional engraving. The quality of engraving matters a lot for letter necklaces, and our designs feature engraving that is easily readable and durable. For completely personalized necklaces, engraving options include various font styles and your choice of computer, laser or hand engraving.

Embedded Gemstones

Colorful gemstones take the look of the letter pendant to a whole new level of cool. The entire letter is formed out of tiny gems, and you can choose favorite stones such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies and peridots.

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