Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Our diamond pendant necklaces are as unique and filled with personality as the women wearing them. Our exquisite collection is brimming with an array of styles, available in various carat weights and price points. From a dainty flower pendant to a minimalist solitaire to a breathtaking tanzanite and diamond double halo pendant, we have something that will add sparkle to any woman's neckline and bring a smile to her face.

Pear Halo Diamond Drop Necklace ITEM #: PDDN-01
Three Diamond Necklace ITEM #: P130
XOXO Diamond Pendant ITEM #: P199
Blue Sapphire Princess Halo Pendant ITEM #: PHBSP-03
Diamond Square Halo Pendant ITEM #: PHDP-03
Diamond Double Heart Necklace ITEM #: P200
Fleur de Lis Diamond Pendant ITEM #: P196
Gold Ruby Diamond Halo Pendant ITEM #: HRP-03
Triangular Halo Diamond Pendant ITEM #: HDP-05
Tanzanite Pear Drop Halo Necklace ITEM #: PDDN-03
Tanzanite Cushion Halo Pendant ITEM #: CHP-01
Sapphire Pear Diamond Halo Pendant ITEM #: PDDN-02
Round Diamond Halo Necklace ITEM #: HDP-03
Pear Double Halo Diamond Necklace ITEM #: HDP-02
Pave Diamond Arrow Necklace ITEM #: DP-09
Morganite Pear Drop Halo Pendant ITEM #: PDDN-01-M
Morganite Double Halo Pear Pendant ITEM #: HDP-02-M
Heart Morganite Halo Pendant ITEM #: HDP-04-M
Floating Peridot Halo Pendant ITEM #: FHP-01
Floating Garnet Halo Pendant ITEM #: FHP-05
Floating Diamond Halo Pendant ITEM #: FHP-06
Floating Citrine Halo Pendant ITEM #: FHP-03

For those in search of casual looks to add to their jewelry collection, shop our selection of simple, yet pretty designs. Whimsical flip flops, bows and wishbones are just a few charming choices you can wear every day. Our diamond initial pendants are another great option for a piece of jewelry that is all your own. Looking for something that catches the light and dazzles from across the room? Drape yourself in an exquisite, multi-carat infinity necklace or an elegant blue sapphire and diamond drop halo necklace. They add the finishing touch to formal attire worn to a black-tie wedding, fundraiser or gala. For our true romantics, fall in love with a heart halo diamond necklace, an xoxo diamond necklace or any of our other lovely choices.

If you have a colorful personality or a favorite hue, add vibrancy to your neckline with our gemstone halo diamond necklaces. Quality diamonds surround lively solitaire pink sapphires, peridots, amethysts, garnets and many other precious and semiprecious gemstone hues. For a subtle effect, browse our softer morganite or yellow diamonds.

To ensure your sparkler is your absolute favorite, we offer many designs in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold as well as various chain lengths. Choose from a 16-inch choker style all the way to a graceful 24-inch. Need a longer length in one of our designs? Longer chains are available upon request. What's more, all orders qualify for free domestic shipping.

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