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A canary diamond engagement ring is a unique alternative to a white diamond. Canary diamonds are available in all shapes and carat weights in varying intensities (Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid to name a few). Choose from our collection of yellow diamond engagement rings at deBebians. These gorgeous canary diamond rings feature a brilliant shine in a unique yellow hue. It's a distinctive and stylish color that never goes out of style, making rings with yellow diamonds the perfect choice for an engagement, especially if you're searching for a fresh twist on the classic clear diamond ring.

One of the unique things about yellow diamonds is that they look absolutely stunning with either white gold or yellow gold bands. While a yellow gold setting creates a distinctive golden hue throughout the ring, a white gold band serves as an elegant contrast to really bring out the brilliant yellow of the diamond. The same can be said for clear or yellow diamond accents, both of which look lovely when combined with a canary diamond center stone. We use 18-karat yellow gold prongs along with an 18-karat yellow gold cup when crafting these modified versions of classic art deco engagement rings. This helps to fully illuminance the brilliance of your canary diamond center stone.

At deBebians, you'll find our yellow diamond engagement rings available in just about any shape and style you can imagine. Among the options are oval, square, round, cushion, pear and other popular diamond shapes. You'll also find solitaire engagement rings with plain bands, diamond encrusted eternity bands and double halo yellow diamond engagement rings. From the simple and understated to the glamorous and ornate, our designs feature a variety of styles to suit anyone's tastes. In addition, we offer custom design services, so you can adjust any design to meet your unique needs.

Browse our full collection of yellow canary diamond engagement rings to find the perfect fit for your sweetheart. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a custom design, get in touch with us at 213-627-1300.