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At deBebians.com we are proud of all of our jewelers.   These master jewelers can repair almost any piece of jewelry.  We repair all of our jewelry in house in Los Angeles, California.     One can find plenty of jewelry repair shops in Los Angeles.  How do you know what jeweler to trust with your fine piece of jewelry?  What kind of repairs can your local jeweler do?  Consumers have to understand even a simple sizing of an engagement ring should be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

Jewelry Repair Los Angeles

Be mindful that when you go to the mall and you see a jewelry repair shop that is doing a few sizings, a day then they must know what they are doing.  Think about it like this…  First of all a center stone is a very expensive piece.  What happens if they put too much heat on the ring to size it and they end up burning your center diamond? Trust me it happens! What if the ring that is being sized has diamonds on the shank or ring portion of the ring?  Once the ring is sized up or down that changes the circumference of the ring and guess what happens to all those stones?  Every single one of those diamonds on the shank has a risk of falling out.  Why is platinum sizing so much more expensive than gold? Firstly, platinum sizing is more expensive than gold because platinum is far more expensive than gold. Second, platinum is a lot more difficult to repair than gold.  That doesn’t mean one should not buy platinum. Lastly, the correct way to size a platinum engagement ring or platinum wedding band is to laser weld the ring together.  The laser welder is a very expensive machine and a lot of jewelers can’t afford this machine.  Some jewelers try to “mickey mouse” the sizing of a platinum ring by soldering platinum and using white gold solder.  Then, the jeweler would need to rhodium plate the ring to hide the solder marks.

At the end of the day, I really feel you need to look at the quality of the pieces the jeweler manufactures and see if it is in the same caliber as your piece of jewelry.  As you can see below, we manufacture fine jewelry in Los Angeles and therefore we are one of the best jewelry repair shops in Los Angeles.  You don’t have to be local to get a piece of jewelry repaired by us.  Please feel free to fill out the RMA form and send the piece of jewelry to us for repair.

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