Have you been looking for a signet ring?

Well, now is the time! And best of all, we can help you choose a signet ring that's perfect for you using our brand new quiz! Just answer a few simple questions and you’ll land on exactly the signet ring you want! Monogram? We have it! Family crest? We have it! Plain gold signet ring? We have those, too! Click on the link to get started today!

Want to learn what signet rings are, their meanings, and which finger to wear them on?

Signet rings have been worn for centuries and are used to signify family lineage and have even been used as a method of stamping approval or acceptance. A signet ring can be made of silver, gold or platinum and features a flat face and metal shoulders. We commonly sell our signets in oval, round or square face shapes, but we also offer more modern face shapes like heart, shield and even elongated oval. While all of our signet rings are solid, we do offer many of our signet rings in either a solid back or open back (yielding a lighter gram weight and can be more cost effective) in a variety of face sizes.

A few years ago, we simplified our signet ring collection by offering our most popular face shapes in sizes extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Also feel free to choose from either our men’s or women’s collection as signet rings are unisex and the one you choose comes down to size and which finger you want to wear it on.

Another important factor in learning how to choose a signet ring that's right for you is what you want engraved onto the face. We offer plain (no engraving), monogram engraving, initial engraving, family crest engraving and even engravings including company logos and more. The methods which we offer are laser, CAD or hand engraving and you can view examples here to determine which method is right for your design. Remember that the larger the face of the signet ring, the more real estate we have to work with and the clearer and more detailed your final design will be.

Something else to consider is how you'll wear signet rings, such as which finger you’ll wear it on. Commonly people wear their signets on either their pinky, ring finger or even middle finger. You can wear signet rings on either hand, too as it’s really up to you which hand or finger you will be wearing it on.  Something else to consider is proportion of the ring to your finger. For example, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting an extra large face size for your pinky.

If you need help, we are always here to assist. Try our quiz to help you choose a signet ring. If you’re like the many clients I speak to, stop thinking about it and go ahead and treat yourself. A signet ring is a meaningful gift to yourself or a loved one and can be passed down to loved ones. You definitely won’t regret it!      

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