Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is a precious metal that has long been used in wedding jewelry including engagement rings and wedding rings.  I believe this is because platinum offers many benefits.  Platinum is a pure white material that is hypoallergenic and platinum also weighs about 1.7 times heavier than 14kt gold.  Platinum wedding rings and engagement rings have become popular choices for many couples.

One of the greatest benefits of platinum is that it is pure white in nature.  A lot of times customers buy white gold thinking that it’s a true white material.  However, this is not the case.  14kt white gold consists of 58.5% yellow gold with white metal alloys mixed in.  18kt white gold is actually 75% yellow gold.  When white gold comes out of casting, it has a yellowish hint to the color.  All white gold is rhodium plated, which is an electroplating process done to the piece of jewelry to make it super white.  After a bit of time, the rhodium will begin to wear off and the ring will need to be dipped again.  It’s a simple process but does require a trip to your jeweler.  The platinum we use in our jewelry is platinum 950, meaning that it is 95% pure platinum.  Platinum does not need to be rhodium plated as it’s a white material throughout.

Another great benefit to platinum is that it is hypoallergenic.  White gold contains nickel which some people actually are allergic to.  You can tell if you are allergic to the nickel in the white gold because you may get some minor skin irritation on the surface area of the skin where the white gold touches.  In this case, platinum is the perfect option for your jewelry.

Another reason why platinum is preferred sometimes over gold is that it weighs 1.7 times heavier than gold.  For example, a wedding ring in 14kt gold that weighs 10 grams will weigh about 17 grams in platinum.  Some men prefer a heavier wedding ring and a platinum wedding ring will give them the weight they are seeking.

Be sure to shop our extensive collection of platinum mens wedding rings.  Currently we are offering a 10% discount on all our mens platinum wedding bands.  Platinum is a great material used in wedding rings because it offers a hypoallergenic alternative to gold and it will always stay white and never need rhodium and therefore requires less ‘maintenance’ which most men prefer in their jewelry.

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