Platinum Jewelry and the Modern Couple

Platinum jewelry is becoming much more stylish and more popular as the years progress. Men and women both enjoy the the fashion statement that their platinum rings make.  Platinum jewelry may seems like a newer innovation for jewelry, however the use of platinum for jewelry is nothing new at all.  King Louis XV of France was one of the biggest fans of platinum jewelry.  He exclaimed that platinum was the only metal suitable for royalty.

Platinum jewelry has become incredibly popular for the use of wedding rings for both men and women.

Platinum is an incredibly rare metal, with deposits only found in a few places in the world.  It is only found in high concentrations on both the moon as well as meteorites.  No wonder this amazing metal is so sought after.

Traditionally, platinum was only traditionally accepted as a 70 year wedding anniversary gift.  However, modern relationships have redefined previous customs and traditions.  Platinum jewelry is always an acceptable wedding anniversary present, no matter how long the happy couple has been married.  Platinum rings are oftentimes the choice for modern couples because of the heaviness and the beautiful bright white color of the metal.

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