Peridot Jewelry for the Leo in Your Life

Greetings fellow lions and lovers of the king of the zodiac jungle!  It’s once again that time of year to talk about gift ideas that are sure to make your Leo roar recommended from your resident lioness, me.

Now, I did do an August shopping guide last year as well that can also be helpful in choosing the perfect gift for your Leo, but this entry should be a great supplement to help choose from some of the newer products we added to the site since then.

But to re-cap, the peridot is the birthstone of August and for Leos since Leo is from roughly July 23 – August 22 and was also thought of as a gemstone that represented the sun by ancient Egyptians.  It’s also a fiery volcanic rock, which makes it perfect for the Leo fire sign.  It symbolizes youthful energy, which perfectly matches the vivacious personality of the Leo as people born under this sign tend to have a spirit of everlasting, ageless youth.  So picking out some peridot jewelry for your Leo is a quintessential gift idea that they’re sure to appreciate since it shows you really thought about their favorite subject — them.

1) Peridot Necklace with Diamond Halo

Peridot Necklace with Diamond Halo


Peridot Necklace with Diamond Halo

This simple diamond halo necklace is part of several new halo jewelry pieces added to the site since last time that provides a simple gemstone with a diamond halo.  It’s subtle yet elegant and while Leo may be a sign that really likes to show off, we aren’t usually that ostentatious as we like to do things with luxury and class.  The diamond halo gives us that glitz and glitter that we enjoy, while the peridot center makes the piece personal and about us.

2) Peridot Stud Earrings

Peridot Stud Earrings


Peridot Stud Earrings

Peridot stud earrings are another great choice that is simple, but beautiful.  Our studs come in three different setting styles, but I have the three prong martini setting pictured above because it’s my favorite and it sounds the most fancy.  Luxurious Leos do love their martinis.  The other setting style options also available are four prong and bezel which both provide more security and are just as lovely.  Each of the settings are made in 14kt white or yellow gold and come in screw back, push back, or la pousette backings.

3) Peridot Gold Disc Pendant

Flush Set Letter E Pendant


Flush Set Letter E Pendant

Another excellent gift idea for Leo is to get a letter pendant with their initial because it’s more personalized you know and the best gift you can give them is one that celebrates *them* even more.  The image above is obviously of my own initial.  Our pendants also come with a pave option if you so choose and each disc and chain is made from 14kt white, yellow, or rose gold.  Also, depending on how your lion likes to wear their neck jewelry, you can select from 16 inch or 18 inch lengths.

There you have it.  These are my picks for peridot jewelry for this August.  Much of this guide is focused on how much this green gemstone represents Leo, but it’s also supposed to be a great help to them too and aids in steering Leos away from negativity that may sap their natural sunshine that radiates from them. Besides the above, we have plenty of other peridot pieces to choose from, so be sure to check out my previous guide or even look over our Gemstone Jewelry Guide.

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