Gemstone Stud Earrings

Colorful gemstone stud earrings are an easy way to brighten any earring lover's day. Find beautiful AA-AAA quality gemstones in an array of vibrant colors that look amazing in our pronged or bezel 14K gold settings.

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Yellow Sapphire Studs ITEM #: YSSE-01
Yellow Sapphire Stud Earrings ITEM #: YSSE-03
Yellow Sapphire Gold Earrings ITEM #: YSSE-04
Yellow Sapphire Earrings ITEM #: YSSE-02
Ruby Studs ITEM #: RSE-01
Ruby Stud Earrings ITEM #: RSE-03
Ruby Gold Earrings ITEM #: RSE-04
Ruby Earrings ITEM #: RSE-02
Pink Topaz Studs ITEM #: PTSE-01
Pink Topaz Stud Earrings ITEM #: PTSE-03
Pink Topaz Gold Studs ITEM #: PTSE-06
Pink Topaz Gold Earrings ITEM #: PTSE-04
Pink Topaz Earrings ITEM #: PTSE-02
Pink Sapphire Studs ITEM #: PSSE-01
Pink Sapphire Stud Earrings ITEM #: PSSE-03
Pink Sapphire Gold Earrings ITEM #: PSSE-04
Pink Sapphire Earrings ITEM #: PSSE-02
Peridot Studs ITEM #: PSE-01
Peridot Stud Earrings ITEM #: PSE-03
Peridot Gold Studs ITEM #: PSE-06
Peridot Gold Earrings ITEM #: PSE-04
Peridot Earrings ITEM #: PSE-02
Morganite Stud Earrings ITEM #: MSE-01
Gold Yellow Sapphire Earrings ITEM #: YSSE-05
Gold Ruby Earrings ITEM #: RSE-05
Gold Pink Topaz Earrings ITEM #: PTSE-05
Gold Pink Sapphire Earrings ITEM #: PSSE-05
Gold Peridot Earrings ITEM #: PSE-05
Gold Citrine Earrings ITEM #: CSE-05
Gold Blue Topaz Earrings ITEM #: BTSE-05
Gold Blue Sapphire Earrings ITEM #: BSSE-05
Gold Black Diamond Earrings ITEM #: BDSE-05
Gold Amethyst Earrings ITEM #: ASE-05
Citrine Studs ITEM #: CSE-01
Citrine Stud Earrings ITEM #: CSE-03
Citrine Gold Studs ITEM #: CSE-06
Citrine Gold Earrings ITEM #: CSE-04
Citrine Earrings ITEM #: CSE-02
Blue Topaz Studs ITEM #: BTSE-01
Blue Topaz Stud Earrings ITEM #: BTSE-03
Blue Topaz Gold Studs ITEM #: BTSE-06
Blue Topaz Gold Earrings ITEM #: BTSE-04
Blue Topaz Earrings ITEM #: BTSE-02
Blue Sapphire Studs ITEM #: BSSE-01
Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings ITEM #: BSSE-03
Blue Sapphire Gold Earrings ITEM #: BSSE-04
Blue Sapphire Earrings ITEM #: BSSE-02
Black Diamond Studs ITEM #: BDSE-01

Birthdays and Birthstones

The gemstone earrings in our collection make excellent birthstone jewelry gifts based on their gem type and color. Every month of the year has an assigned birthstone, and these earrings make thoughtful gifts all year long. Some birth months offer more than one choice of gem color. The sapphire is the birthstone for September, and you can choose earrings featuring traditional blue sapphires, spunky yellow studs or pretty pink sapphire stud earrings. Alternatively, citrine stud earrings and topaz stud earrings are fine choices for November birthdays.

Love Studs and Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and on Valentine's Day you can present someone with a pair of stunning red ruby gemstone stud earrings as a show of enduring love. Other choices representing passion are pink sapphire or pink topaz studs and purple amethyst studs. Score additional heartwarming points when you pair beautiful stud earrings with a box of fine chocolates or a bouquet of roses.

Christmas and Other Holidays

Imagine the joy of giving that special lady in your life a pair of sparkling gemstone earrings in her favorite color. Our earrings always make a wonderful Christmas or other holiday gift because every stud selection offers excellent depth of color, clarity and vibrancy. If you're choosing earrings for Christmas or Easter, consider the lovely green of peridot stud earrings. Peridot green represents the greenery of winter or spring foliage.

Colored Gems for Fun

Stud earrings in colors of blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and black are fun to wear any day of the week with all sorts of outfits. They make impressive anniversary gifts, graduation gifts or a rewarding gift for a special achievement. You can customize the gold setting by choosing number of prongs, backing style and gold color.

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