Newest Diamond Accented Engagement Rings

We recently updated our site with four brand new diamond accented engagement ring designs, so I decided to take a look at these sparklers for those who have tastes that are a bit simpler.

1) Milgrained Leaf Engagement Ring

Milgrained Leaf Engagement Ring

Most of our new designs utilize a marquise shape in them creating a design that emulates leaves and expands our collection of pieces inspired by nature.  This particular piece doesn’t use marquise shaped stones, but has round brilliant cut diamonds pave set into marquise shaped metal compartments that are lined with milgrain.  The orientation they are set in emulates a clover and even closely resembles the triskelion symbol which represents action and forward movement.

2) Pave Accented Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave Leaf Accented Engagement Ring

Continuing on with our nature inspired jewelry, we have this pave accented band with marquise diamond side stones.  The pave provides a textured feel to the piece that seems to emulate the natural appearance of a plant’s stem while the marquise diamond leaves open up like leaves branching out along the stem that present the center stone in such a lovely way akin to the blossoming of a flower.

3) Pave and Milgrained Engagement Ring with Nature Inspired Accents

Pave and Milgrained Engagement Ring with Nature Inspired Accents

This pave and milgrained engagement ring is similar to the one above, but the added milgrain provide an extra vintage appeal to the ring and a detail that seems similar to a ribbon tied to a flower that you provide as a gift to the person you love.  Like the ring above, the marquise diamonds on this engagement ring are oriented in such a way that they emulate the natural beauty of leaves on a stem or vine as they flank the center diamond like a flower blossom.

4) Pave Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Band

Princess Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Band

A three stone engagement ring is always a classic look and we have a number of pieces that feature trillion side stones already, however, this is our first design that incorporates some additional sparkle with a pave band.  The center stone featured is a princess cut stone, but we can incorporate any shaped diamond into this piece and you’ll have a classic design that represents the past, present and future of your relationship.

We hope you enjoyed this look at our new designs.  To check out all of the engagement ring designs we offer, please be sure to browse our collection.

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