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Loose Morganite

deBebians.com is proud to introduce our new line of loose morganites. For many years we have been selling morganites in our morganite engagement rings. Our staffed GIA graduate gemologists have been hand selecting loose morganites for our morganite settings. However, this exciting new section allows you, the client, to search and select any shape morganite. You can choose from cushion, heart, oval, round, emerald and pear shapes.

On our site we have been very successful in selling preset morganite engagement rings. You can see these rings here. The majority of the shapes in the preset section are only available in 2 different sizes. They are typically 1.00carat and 2.50carat center stones. Now with this new section, you can choose your loose morganite gemstone and then select a setting from our site and voila, you have a gorgeous morganite engagement ring.

We receive many free custom jewelry quote requests from clients to manufacture rings using different size morganites. Below you can see an example of a 5.79ct pear shaped morganite engagement ring. With this client we had to go back and forth with only a few different stone options from which he could choose. With the loose morganite section, our clients can find the perfect shape, color, and size that they want. Every loose morganite has a short 30 second video of the actual stone so be sure to watch the videos. The loose morganite video shows the buyer everything they need to see to make the buying process as easy as possible.

Custom Morganite Ring

Now, instead of two different sizes for each shape you can find hundreds of different sizes and colors of morganites. I recently went on a buying trip and acquired over 200 carats of loose morganites. We are constantly buying more morganites. One thing you can really tell is the quality of our morganites. As a GIA graduate gemologist I am always looking for the nicest color morganites available in the industry. We are very picky with the quality and color morganites we choose. We stay away from brown morganites or morganites that are too washed out. If a morganite is too washed out, it can end up looking white in a rose gold setting and unfortunately I see that happen too often. Click on the link below to see our wide selection of loose morganites.

Have fun shopping our loose morganite section! Remember, if you need assistance, you can contact us and one of our staff GIA Graduate Gemologists will be happy to assist.

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