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Think outside the box when it comes to completing your jewelry with this collection of loose gemstones from deBebians. While diamonds and moissanite present the classic look of a clear, shimmering stone, a colorful gemstone can make any piece of jewelry even more alluring. Our selection of loose gemstones for sale includes colorful options that add a little extra personality to fine jewelry. And with a wide range of stone cuts and sizes available, it's easy to find something that suits both your personal tastes and your budget.
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5.29 ct Oval Morganite ITEM #: LG-529M
5.00 ct Heart Morganite ITEM #: LG-500M
3.84 ct Oval Morganite ITEM #: LG-384M
3.23 ct Pear Morganite ITEM #: LG-323M
3.12 ct Round Morganite ITEM #: LG-312M
3.00 ct Pear Morganite ITEM #: LG-300M
2.79 ct Round Morganite ITEM #: LG-279M
2.62 ct Oval Morganite ITEM #: LG-262M
2.48 ct Cushion Morganite ITEM #: LG-248M
2.35 ct Pear Morganite ITEM #: LG-235M
2.25 ct Oval Morganite ITEM #: LG-225M
2.19 ct Cushion Morganite ITEM #: LG-219M
1.84 ct Heart Morganite ITEM #: LG-184M
1.80 ct Heart Morganite ITEM #: LG-180M
1.76 ct Pear Morganite ITEM #: LG-176M
1.72 ct Round Morganite ITEM #: LG-172M
1.67 ct Oval Morganite ITEM #: LG-167M
1.66 ct Heart Morganite ITEM #: LG-166M
1.54 ct Pear Morganite ITEM #: LG-154M
1.40 ct Heart Morganite ITEM #: LG-140M
1.32 ct Round Morganite ITEM #: LG-132M
1.00ct Heart Shaped Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-H-1
2.23ct Heart Shaped Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-H-22
1.27ct Oval Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-O-12
1.58ct Oval Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-O-16
2.15ct Oval Shaped Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-O-21
3.03 Oval Royal Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-O-3
2.11ct Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-P-21
1.18ct 6.2mm Round Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-R-12
1.40ct 7mm Round Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-R-14
1.57ct 6.8mm Round Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-R-15
1.60ct 6.7mm Round Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-R-16
3.67ct 9mm Round Blue Sapphire ITEM #: BSPH-R-36

One of our top picks for gemstones is our loose morganite. This lovely gemstone is becoming increasingly popular because it offers a warm, subtle shade of rosy peach. This hint of color can range from quite pink to more orange in appearance, so it's also possible to search for loose morganite to find the exact shade you desire. Our selection of loose morganite would be an excellent option for all kinds of jewelry, especially an engagement ring. Many couples choose to go with a morganite ring that combines a larger center gemstone with smaller diamonds or moissanites surrounding it for an extra-sparkly effect.

Be sure to view the specifications for our stones before placing your order. We offer videos for each gemstone to show the exact shape and color, and in more detail. You'll also be able to view additional information about the shape, carat, color and dimensions of the stone.

Browse our complete collection of loose gemstones to find just what you're looking for. Whether you want a certain shape, a certain cut or a certain price point, you'll find a great fit in our collection stones. All of our gemstones are carefully inspected and graded by our GIA graduate gemologists. If you have any questions about our loose gemstones or want to know more about designing custom jewelry, don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-472-2700.

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