Layering Jewelry

Stackable Rings

Layering is no longer just for clothes, ladies. 🙂 Layering stackable bands, dainty pendant necklaces, delicate and chunky bracelets is one of the hottest trends in jewelry this summer.

Stacking the rings for example, boils down to wearing multiple layers of bands on more than just one finger. Mixing is fun and an easy way that provides a plethora of ring combinations to test out – whether for a night on the town with the girls or just grabbing coffee with the colleague. The key is to keep assortment varying and not too matchy- matchy. Additionally, playing with texture or shape in your assortment will keep it from being boring or plain. Mixing metals will help you find a color combination that flatters your skin tone. Stacking rings are easy and cost-effective gifts, especially considering the range of cute styles available on our deBebians website. Buying a few rings from the same designer will also help you keep your look together.

Stackable Necklaces

My other favorite way to layer is combining simple and small necklaces together for a bigger statement look. The trick is to mix the length so that the chains don’t tangle together while you wear them. My formula is:

14” – bar or a disc necklace

15” – dainty pendant necklace

16”-18” – floating diamond or a gemstone necklace

You can find an impressive variety of necklaces or pendants to chose from on our website.

Stackable Bracelet

My daughter’s favorite layered statement is mixing different bracelets. The more, the merrier! Go nuts with bracelets! 🙂 Don’t only wear skinny chains with skinny chains, bangles with bangles, opt for bracelets with different shapes and thickness. Different silhouettes and styles create a more dimensional and interesting look.

To keep up with latest trends in jewelry, or to be in style, please check out our website. We also provide a custom design service and will give you a free estimate for any specific piece that you want to create.

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