Jewelry Picks for Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Since it is New Year’s Eve, we wanted to put together a list of glittering jewelry accessories for a night on the town counting down to 2014 at one of the fabulous NYE parties happening around the world.


1) Martini Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are a pretty classic look for any occasion and are a pretty simple way to accessorize and add some sparkle to your outfit without being too ostentatious or having your jewelry get in the way of free movement at the party.  Also, partying with some sort of beverage on hand is mirrored in the martini setting.

2) Halo Studs

Halo Diamond Studs

If regular studs don’t do it for you because you want something with some more shine, why not go for a pair of Halo Diamond Studs?  They’re brilliantly sparkly and elegant sure to match any outfit.


1) Gold Pendant

Gold Pendant

When you’re out at parties for the big countdown, you’re likely to be among many, many people.  The best thing would be to have something simple that can’t possibly catch on anything as you try to move around and navigate.  A gold pendant, either engraved or with gemstones set into it, is a nice little piece of glitter that is very personal.

2) Diamond or Gemstone Pendant

Round Diamond Halo Necklace

If you’re looking for something that has more sparkle than a gold disc, you can pick up a diamond pendant either in the form of a solitaire pendant or a diamond halo pendant.  This adds some more dazzle to your outfit that the sheen from a gold pendant wouldn’t provide, but is small and simple enough that it shouldn’t catch on anything when you’re trying to move in a crowd.

For most of the popular gatherings for the countdown around the world, these options seem best.  However, if you’re planning on being at a more intimate gathering among friends rather than being among a large crowd of people, you can easily wear other necklaces as appropriate for your social gathering and dress.

Engagement Rings

Hand Engraved Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

New Year’s Eve is along with Christmas is also a very popular day for marriage proposals.  I imagine it is because both holidays involve being around loved ones for the holiday, but with New Year’s Eve tending to have more of a nuance of being around friends and significant others because of the tradition of the New Year’s kiss where the act itself is said to strengthen ties you want to keep into the new year.  So then it would be appropriate for the one you love to give you an engagement ring with your kiss, right?

So these are our jewelry recommendations for your New Year’s Eve party needs.  Have a happy New Year and feel free to leave a comment telling us what you decided to wear tonight!  If you got engaged, feel free to share your ring or your story as well!

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