Golden Globes 2015 – Jewelry Watch

So the Golden Globes were this past weekend which is basically the kick off to the 2015 award show red carpet season and as a jewelry company, we’re of course into trend watching and there were some interesting trends this year.

Last year was fairly minimalistic with jewelry with many ladies opting to go simple with just an outfit and nicely done hair, but with a few pieces of jewelry standing out.  This carried over somewhat to this year, but there was definitely a lot more glitter although I wouldn’t say the stars were decked out either.  No, many ventured more toward the simple where many had one or two small accessories or one large statement piece to complement their red carpet wear.  If they selected many pieces, it tended to be more along the lines of several small pieces together.  While many of the stars wore diamonds, there were also many that also went with more colored gemstone or gemstone in the rough style jewelry.  Earring pieces were generally either studs or dangling with a couple of people donning clusters.

If someone was adorned in shininess at all, most of it was emanating from the sequins or faux stones from their outfits.  Like for instance, Emma Stone in her Lanvin jumpsuit with no other accessories.

Emma Stone

Uzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black too. Although she’s clearly rocking some large gemstone studs and a diamond tennis bracelet.

Uzo Aduba

So yeah, those are the kind of looks we’re talking about here in terms of the dresses, so if you’re going with a style like that, understandably you’d want to go simple on the jewelry or none at all to avoid being too ostentatious.  Besides, if you’re going to be under the shiny lights accepting an award, best not to blind the camera with too much sparkle.  (We have problems with that all the time when we shoot our pieces!)

Again though, a large amount of the jewelry that was worn was dangling earrings!

George & Amal Clooney

The lovely Amal Clooney is adorned by Harry Winston.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez looks fierce there with those dangling earrings.  That’s also a three stone cocktail ring there on her finger, which is in a unique orientation in that it looks reminiscent of journey pendants.

Jessica Chastain

Her earrings are reportedly from Piaget.

Salma  Hayek & Kevin Hart

Salma Hayek was probably one of the most decked out in jewelry between her earrings and bracelets complementing her Alexander McQueen gown and clutch purse.

Benedict Cumberbatch & Jennifer Aniston

Neil Lane onyx jewelry for Jennifer Aniston who presented the night’s first award with our office fave Benedict Cumberbatch.

Definitely lots of chandelier-like pieces, but observe how these ladies were mostly bare necked!  Necklaces were totally not a thing except for a couple of people which include Lorde and Naomi Watts.


Neil Lane here against a black suit.  The rings are probably personal pieces, I think, but that necklace there is 100 cttw in platinum.

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts has a Bulgari slithery friend and some diamond studs.

Julianna Marguilies also had a necklace and diamond studs from Bulgari, but she went distinctly simple.

Juliana Marguilies & Keith Liberthal / Photo by Christopher Polk/NBC

Some stars also wore rings, but I wouldn’t say a whole lot wore some extra bling on the finger outside of their engagement rings.  A smattering of ladies did and more than who opted for neck adornments, but the jewelry pieces of the night or even possibly the season are more definitely in the vein of earrings and bracelets or bangles if anything else.

The stars that went with rings though, definitely went big.  In the 1st look pre-show, Allison Janney talked about how she forced on the yellow diamond halo ring that she was wearing on her left hand and might have to buy it after the show because she didn’t think it was going to come off.  She didn’t seem to mind though because she liked it quite a lot.  It looked quite similar to our Teresa ring from our Bel Dia Signature Line.

Teresa - Bel Dia Signature Line

Teresa – Bel Dia Signature Line

But anyway, this is an award show and most of the above were nominees or presenters. Here are some of the winners who took some photos with the Official Golden Globes Instagram.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams glitzed up by Tiffany & Co. and winner for her role in Big Eyes.  The above picture just gives you a better shot of the jewels on her hand and wrist.  Pretty simple and sweet though.  Below is her winner’s photo in a casual pose with her Golden Globe.

Amy Adams

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez with her Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin and Chopard earrings.

Joanne Froggatt

Joanne Froggatt for Downtown Abbey with dangling Casato Dragon Eye earrings in rose gold with a couple of rings.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore also wearing Chopard to accent her super shiny dress and newly won Golden Globe for Still Alice.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette presenting her Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in Boyhood while wearing a huge cocktail ring on her right hand and some black gemstone stud earrings.

And there you have this year’s celebrity red carpet trends thus far.  If you’re looking around for pieces that can match your own sense of celebrity style, feel free to browse our collection of pieces.

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