Get the Celebrity Look for Less: Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

deBebians has a page that is dedicated to celebrity style engagement rings because we want to provide a platform where our customers can be inspired to go after their own over-the-top dream ring. Celebrities have big budgets and access to some of the largest diamonds known to man. However, many of these enormous and luxurious rings can be tailored down to a budget that is reasonable for the typical woman. Below is the perfect example of a customer who dreamed of landing Angelina Jolie’s diamond ring and was determined to get exactly what she wanted, but within her budget.

Angelina Jolie’s diamond ring features a center emerald cut diamond with tapered baguette cut diamonds, which extend all the way around the finger. An emerald cut, like a tapered baguette, is a step cut diamond and exudes a very modern and geometric appeal. Our customer saw this and decided that she also wanted a center emerald cut diamond with tapering side stones.

AP Photo/Howard Pasamanick Photography

In this custom design, trapezoidal diamonds were used in place of baguette diamonds to add more carat weight and sparkle. The center stone that was selected is a 1.58 ct F color, VVS2 emerald cut diamond. We then provided our customer with two different trapezoidal diamond layout options, which allowed her to select the one that she liked the best. One option had a more dramatic transition in terms of size, and the other option was more consistent and gave the feel of a more traditional eternity style ring. The beauty of working with deBebians is that we can keep you involved in the decision making of your custom ring. This customer chose the larger and more dramatic layout, making the ring yield 1.55cttw in accenting diamonds.

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