Forever One Charles & Colvard Moissanite Shapes

Clients are constantly calling and asking what shape moissanite IS available in Forever One ™.  As of April 12, 2016 the only shapes Charles & Colvard are manufacturing are oval, round, square brilliant (similar look to a princess), and cushion cut.

Oval Forever One ™ Moissanite

oval Oval Forever One ™ Moissanite currently comes in three different sizes (7mm x 5mm, 8mm x 6mm and 9mm x 7mm).  A 7mm x 5mm oval Forever One ™ Moissanite weighs approximately 0.84ct.  The diamond equivalent of a 7mm x 5mm oval is approximately 0.90ct.  This size would be the closest to a 1.00 carat oval.  The next size up from the 7mm x 5mm is the 8mm x 6mm.  An 8mm x 6mm oval Forever One ™ Moissanite weighs approximately 1.33 carats.  The diamond equivalent is approximately 1.50 carats.  The largest size oval Forever One ™ Moissanite stone available as of now is the 9mm x 7mm which weighs approximately 1.91 carats.  The diamond that measures approximately 9mm x 7mm weighs 2.10 carats.

Round Forever One ™ Moissanite

round Round moissanite is the most popular and the most common shape and therefore come, in a lot more sizes.  Round Forever One ™ Moissanite currently comes in 5mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 6.5mm, 7.0mm, 7.5mm, 8mm and 9mm. The three most popular sizes are 6.5mm which weighs 0.88 carats.  The diamond equivalent of a 6.5mm round Forever One ™ Moissanite is 1.00 carat.  The 7.0mm round moissanite weighs approximately 1.10ct and the diamond equivalent is 1.20ct.  The 8mm round Forever One ™ Moissanite weighs 1.60 carat.  The diamond equivalent is 1.90ct.  More information on the other sizes for the round moissanite is available here.

Square Brilliant Cut Forever One ™ Moissanite (similar look to a princess cut)

princess Charles & Colvard does manufacture princess cut moissanite.  However, in the Forever One ™, this shape is the closest to a princess cut.  Most of our clients love the look of the Forever One ™ Square Brilliant.  The square brilliant moissanite comes in three sizes 4.0mm, 5.5mm and 6.5mm.  The 4.0mm square brilliant cut weighs approximately 0.37 carats.  The diamond equivalent is 0.41carat.  The 5.5mm square brilliant cut weighs 0.91 carats and the diamond equivalent is 1.00 carat.  The biggest square brilliant cut moissanite is 6.5mm and weighs 1.50 carats.  The diamond equivalent is 1.70 carats.

Cushion Cut Forever One ™ Moissanite

cushion Cushion cut moissanite only comes in square shape.  Charles & Colvard is not manufacturing rectangular cushion cut moissanites (at this time).  The smallest cushion moissanite is 4.5mm and weighs 0.42 carats.  The diamond equivalent is 0.50 carats.  The next size up is the 6.0mm cushion cut Forever One ™ Moissanite and weighs 0.96 carats.  The diamond equivalent is 1.10 carats.  The biggest cushion cut moissanite is a 7.5mm and this stone weighs 1.80 carats.  The diamond equivalent to this stone is 2.00 carats.

Forever One ™ Moissanite is quite popular for the near colorless color and more and more clients are asking about it.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call on us.

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Update on April 12, 2017: deBebians now offers Hearts and Arrows Forever One Moissanite (round brilliant cut) on our loose moissanite search.



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