Favorite Celtic Rings

We recently expanded our collection of Celtic rings to include engagement rings as well, so I thought it’d be a great time to look over some of my favorite Celtic ring styles including both the engagement rings and the classic Celtic wedding bands.

#1 – Celtic Knot Solitaire Engagement Ring

Celtic Knot Solitaire Engagement Ring

This Celtic knot engagement ring is one of my favorite new ring additions to the site and was recently purchased by one of our clients.  The knot design is a signifier for a never ending bond which is of course particularly expressive in an engagement ring.  The intricate metal working in the piece nestles the center diamond and provides a creative and beautiful design that seems simple without the flash and sparkle of side diamonds.

#2 Celtic Vine Ring

Celtic Vine Ring

This vines are also a common design motif in Celtic jewelry similar to the root-like knots.  Vines, however, usually hold a connotation more aligned with regeneration and fertility as a form of plant-life that is resilient and returns and sprouts year after year.  This piece is also two-tone with a yellow gold center which effortlessly highlights the vine pattern in a simple yet pristine fashion and allows it to glow off the finger and captivate.  With a design that depicts elements of nature, it is telling of the natural bond you and your partner share with one another.

#3 Triskele Ring

Triskele Ring

Triskeles are another common design in Celtic jewelry.  The triskele is a design element that is similar to running legs or a spinning wheel of sorts depicting forward motion and progress.  This ring is perfect for those who live their life in the fast lane and are always busy with projects and working on their next enterprise despite any successes or failures they have experienced in the past.

At deBebians we have a number of Celtic rings in our collection and these are but a few of what we offer.  Please be sure to explore our site to view our other options for Celtic jewelry.

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