East-West Horizontal Engagement Ring Settings

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her 1920s engagement ring. Photo: David Shankbone and buymearock.com

One of my favorite setting styles for an engagement ring is the unique horizontal setting, also known as the east-west setting. The most famous example of this style is Catherine Zeta-Jones’ engagement ring. Featuring a center marquise diamond set east-west, her engagement ring is a 1920s era antique. Her ring has a very thin band, but when set with a thicker band, this setting style can almost give the illusion that the engagement ring is a diamond band. I like it, because I think it’s a less ostentatious style than a typical engagement ring set north-south.

Kate Beckinsale’s engagement ring.

Kate Beckinsale is another celeb with this type of setting, and her ring features an emerald cut diamond. Hers also features a thin diamond band.

As horizontal engagement ring settings are far less common than the traditional north-south setting, I checked with our head jewelry designer, Sam, to learn more. “It’s personal taste,” he says. “Clients with short fingers like the diamond to be set horizontally. Clients with long fingers prefer a vertical setting.” He added, “The horizontal setting also has a modern look and feel.”

East-west settings are typically seen with marquise diamonds, emerald cut, or oval shaped stones. It’s always fun to get more ideas from reputable forums like PriceScope, which has this thread about horizontal settings for marquise diamonds.

As a custom jewelry manufacturer, we can horizontally set a center diamond into many of our diamond accented or solitaire settings or create an entirely new setting. We’ll work with you to create the ring of your dreams.

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