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Lately I am hearing customers talk about east west engagement rings more and more. For those of you who don’t know what that means, you can probably figure it out from the term. It has to do with the direction in which your diamonds are set into your jewelry. Basically instead of having the diamond(s) go down your finger, they go across…hence the term east west. 🙂 See, my Geography degree from Mary Washington College is coming in handy! Thanks, Dawn Bowen and Erin Fouberg!

Here at deBebians.com, we have a few gorgeous east west engagement rings and as well as diamond rings.

Here are my tops favorites:

1. Oval East West Engagement Ring

Horizontal Set Oval Engagement Ring

Style # HE280

This oval east west engagement ring is a sideways oval diamond set on a thin 1.8mm wide U pave band. This ring is shown with an oval diamond but we can always set it with an east west marquise or even an emerald cut diamond. This ring with an emerald cut diamond is very similar to Kate Beckinsale’s engagement ring. She even has an east west style wedding band which is a perfect complement and completes her set.

2. East-West Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Style # BLD1032

This east west baguette wedding band features 9 baguettes set horizontally. This is a perfect matching band for say a three stone engagement ring with accenting baguette diamonds.

3. East-West Baguette and Round Diamond Accented Wedding Band

Baguette Wedding Band

Style # DWB-15

This east west baguette and round diamond wedding band adds an antique touch with the milgrain accent. I love contrast of the step cut baguettes with the brilliant cut rounds!

When you are considering a diamond engagement ring, be sure to consider east west engagement rings. It’s really a hip and modern way to set your diamond. Setting your diamond like this will definitely grab people’s attention and be a showstopper!

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