Diamond Tennis Bracelets

A diamond tennis bracelet is a piece of jewelry almost every women would love to have in their jewelry wardrobe.  In my opinion, I would have to say 90% of all diamond tennis bracelets being sold and/or manufactured are being sold with round diamonds.  Round diamond tennis bracelets do seem to be the most popular.  Why are they more popular than say a cushion cut diamond tennis bracelet or oval cut diamond tennis bracelet?  The answer is very simple.  It’s extremely difficult to match 40 to 60 fancy shaped stones. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t sell them.  I have sold many custom cushion cut or oval cut diamond tennis bracelets.  With fancy shaped diamond tennis bracelets, we have to make sure the faceting, shape, cut, color and clarity all match.  This makes it even more difficult, but makes the end product out of this world.

Helpful hints when it comes to buying a diamond tennis bracelet…

  1. One thing you need to understand when purchasing a diamond tennis bracelet is the carat total weight and what that means as far as the actual size of each diamond.  A 2.00 carat total weight round diamond tennis bracelet may sound like a lot but, when it comes down to each size diamond, they are only about 0.03ct each or 2mm in diameter.  Nowadays petite jewelry is quite popular.  If you are looking for a petite piece diamond tennis bracelet the 2.00 carat total weight is the way to go.
  2. Know the length you need. Tennis bracelets, much like all bracelets come in a variety of lengths.  It’s best to know the length you need so the bracelet will be a perfect fit.  For example, we sell our diamond tennis bracelets in 3 different lengths.
  3. You don’t have to get the highest quality diamonds. If you can go down a little bit on quality, you can hopefully jump up to a larger over carat weight.  For example, our 2.00cttw diamond tennis bracelet with VS quality diamonds currently starts at $3,225 whereas our 3.00cttw diamond tennis bracelet with I1 quality diamonds currently starts at $3,710.  Just food for thought!

If you need help with a diamond tennis bracelet, please do not hesitate to call on us.  We have a variety on the site and can always manufacture something custom for you.

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