Custom Engagement Rings

Once a custom design has been loosely discussed, the next step is to find the center diamond.  Once the designer knows the shape, carat weight and diamond measurement he/she can begin to design the custom halo engagement ring.  The custom halo is designed around the center stone and this ensures there will be no gap between the halo and the center diamond.

With CAD (computer aided design) the ring comes to life.  The beauty of customizing a halo engagement ring is the ring will be a unique, one of a kind piece.   With the CAD (computer aided design) program we can change diamond shapes and or/ modify the overall design of the ring.  For example, if you see a ring with round diamonds and baguettes and you don’t think baguette cut diamonds sparkle enough, they can be replaced with princess cut diamonds instead.  You can change the size of the diamonds, add diamonds in certain places or remove diamonds in certain places.

Many customers think manufacturing a halo engagement ring from scratch is more expensive than buying a ‘stock’ item. Well, that’s not always the case when purchasing custom engagement rings.
The whole idea behind a custom engagement ring is to think outside the box.  With the right designer, anything you imagine can come to life.  That being said it is very important that the designer knows what he/she is doing.  I have seen many pieces that look very pretty but as a designer I know that the manufactured piece won’t last a lifetime.  One of the most important things about any custom ring is the integrity of the piece.  Some designers know how to make a beautiful piece but don’t know how to manufacture a piece without compromising the overall integrity of the piece.  A few examples could be small prongs that will not hold the diamonds or perhaps walls that are too thin.  All this can cause a diamond to fall out of the setting or the ring even bending out of round.  For these reasons and more, it is critical to design a custom halo engagement ring with an expert who knows the ins and outs of jewelry manufacturing.  Here, at, we are able to combine your vision with our expert knowledge to custom manufacture whatever your heart desires.


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