Cushion Cut Diamonds


Ahhhh….. A beautiful cushion cut diamond is my favorite cut in diamonds. But not all of them are created equal. Let’s see if we can determine what we should keep in mind while in a search of a beautiful cushion cut 🙂

A cushion cut diamond, once referred to as an old mine cut, combines a square cut with rounded corners and looks like a pillow top. This classic cut has been around for about 200 years now. The standards for a cushion cut vary more than for any other fancy shapes, so personal taste will dictate the choice. While generally less brilliant than round brilliant cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds often have a better “fire,” which is part of their appeal.

Cushion cuts can be found with the wide variety of facet patterns that are known as “Cushion Brilliant” or “Cushion Modified Brilliant.” Modern cushion cuts tend to have one of four basic pavilion facet patterns. The third and forth patterns have an extra row and are classified by GIA as “Modified” cushion cut. These modified cuts tend to have a “crushed ice” look or “chiseled” facet pattern. Antique cushions are known for their steeper crowns, smaller tables, and larger culets. With the amount of variation within the world of cushion cuts, there are no rules for what equals the very best.

As many other fancy shapes, cushion cuts cannot be defined by the numbers, but there are some basic guidelines that we should consider. While the classic cushion cut is square with the length to width ratio of 1.00, there are some gorgeous beauties with the slightly rectangular shape and a ratio of 1.10-1.20.  Some cushions are cut to greater depth percentage and they tend to look smaller from the “face up” position for their relative carat weights, so it is important to consider length and width measurements while shopping for cushions. In general, you should stay away from excessively deep or shallow stones. Table and depth for cushions should be under 70%. As far as color, I would recommend to stick with H and higher to avoid seeing any tint.

In reality, I think the best way to find a perfect cushion is combining our expert opinion and your best eye judgment. Once we will find a perfect stone, we will help you create a perfect setting for it. Cushions are a great choice for those couples who are interested in a vintage style halo  rings due to its soft , romantic shape or a simple but stunning diamond accented solitaire ring, that will emphasize the beauty of the cushion cut itself. Whatever your heart desires – we are here to help you. Give us a chance to make you dream come true. Call us at 1-213-627-1300 or visit our website at

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