Chevron Wedding Bands Feature a Timeless Design


White gold chevron wedding ring, starting at $447.37


Two tone wide chevron wedding band, starting at $447.37

My last post on the symbolic meanings of Celtic wedding rings had me thinking about other symbols used in our collection of men’s wedding bands. One of my favorites is the chevron, so I thought I’d dedicate this post to this ancient yet modern looking symbol.

A chevron is an inverted “V” and is often used these days as a pattern or incorporated into military or police badges and uniforms. Some of the earliest uses of chevron design was found on pottery from a Crete archaeological dig, dating back to 1800 BC. It also was used in early heraldry in Scandinavia where it’s called sparre. Today the symbol continues to be popular, as it is ubiquitous especially in fashion and architecture. You also have probably seen it in the Chevron gas station logo or on Charlie Brown’s shirt.

I love these men’s chevron wedding bands because of the bold angles and symmetry that is popular in modern design paired with a timeless, ancient symbol tied to formal affairs. Our handmade wedding bands feature many styles of braiding, but I prefer this style because it is flat with a cleaner look. It is not fussy nor overly complicated, yet it is not boring either.

The repeating, infinite chevron design around the entire wedding band is the perfect symbolism for commitment and love, with the impression of always moving forward.

We offer these chevron wedding rings in 14 karat or 18 karat white gold, yellow gold or platinum, as well as one titanium ring featuring a chevron design. I personally prefer the two tone look!

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