Big Hero 6 Inspired Jewelry Part 2

And now we have part two of the jewelry/gemstone ideas that remind us of Big Hero 6 because the jewelry that matters most to you are the ones that have a personal meaning.

Honey Lemon – Pink Sapphire

Princess Cut Pink Sapphire Eternity

This might seem like an odd choice considering she has a citrus-related name, but the pink color and symbolism for the pink sapphire match her personality more.  The pink sapphire is a stone that is full of fun and pure joy.  It is imbued with sweetness, positivity, acceptance, and friendliness which are all attributes of Honey Lemon and make her an essential part of the team.  Pink sapphires are endearing and warm and are gemstones that are said to hold the ability to overcome shyness and awkwardness while providing strength in difficult situations, which seems to mirror Honey Lemon’s development in the film.

Go Go Tamago – Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Channel Set Eternity Band

The yellow of the yellow sapphire of course matches Go Go’s outfit to a tee, but the symbolism of the yellow sapphire also matches Go Go’s personality just as well.  Like all sapphires, the yellow sapphire is one that carries the meaning of sincerity and loyalty, but it takes it an extra mile because it is a stone that builds up strong bonds with incredible concentration and focus.  Lovers of yellow sapphire tend to be confident and goal oriented much like Go Go is since she dislikes distraction and taking things leisurely.  Go Go is also known for her biting wit and this is a stone of wit and wisdom.  She also has a strong sense of what is right which is represented through the yellow sapphire’s significance as a stone of ethics.  It is a stone that is typically associated with business which is surely a complement to her no-nonsense attitude, but is also one of comfort which alludes to how much she cares for her friends.

Blue Sapphire – Fred

Blue Sapphire Rolling Ring

Fred, for me, seems like would be the most associated with blue sapphire because of its dark blue color and how calm and cool he is in all situations.  It’s pretty evident at this point that a lot of my choices are sapphire choices, but sapphire and even ruby are all made up of the mineral corundum which is extremely strong.  Plus these gemstones have long had history with great leaders and even warriors, which is why they’re chiefly among my selections.  The blue sapphire is the “standard” when a person thinks of the word sapphire too much the same as a mascot is an iconic representation of a group, which is what Fred is and does.  The blue sapphire is also a stone of nobility which really matches Fred in a comics sense if you saw the after credits scene.

Yokai – Black Diamond

Black Diamond Pendant

It seemed only appropriate to also do the villain in the film and this one is probably an obvious match in terms of color, but the symbolism of Yokai’s story also comes through with the black diamond as well.  The black diamond is of course strong as a diamond which is the strongest mineral around, but the color difference gives it a sense of deep passion and prestige, which is a reference to Yokai’s background.  It is a powerful stone and one that is dramatic and is one of protection, which is at the core of Yokai’s motivations.  He is a man of conviction and also innovative in how he chooses to execute his plans, which are all attributes that a black diamond reflects of those who wear it.

That wraps up our look at Big Hero 6 inspired jewelry.  We hope you enjoyed this little romp into how jewelry and symbolism can be fun expressions of things you love and maybe even gave you some ideas for a personal gift idea.  Feel free to browse through our site with your imagination wide open for some of your own inspiration with our myriad of designs.

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