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Halo Engagement Rings


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deBebians carries a huge collection of varying engagement ring styles. There is no right or wrong style to choose—it truly depends on the woman’s natural style and the budget that one is comfortable spending on the ring and center diamond. Today, I wanted to highlight the most popular type of engagement ring setting that our customers are interested in—halo engagement rings. A halo engagement ring literally features a center diamond that is surrounded by a halo, or circle, of diamonds. But what are some of the benefits of choosing a halo engagement ring as your ideal setting? Below I have discussed just a few of the advantages of choosing a halo ring.

Larger Looking Center Stone

As Maggie discussed in a previous blog post, the difference between a solitaire engagement ring and a halo engagement ring with the same size center diamond is dramatic. The accent diamonds in the halo give the appearance that the center diamond is much larger and also adds more finger coverage for the wearer.


As discussed in my previous point, adding a diamond halo makes the center stone look larger. If the diamond halo makes a 1.50 ct center diamond look more like a 2.00 ct diamond, it actually saves our customers a huge amount of money. The difference between a 1.50 ct diamond and a 2.00 ct diamond is generally between $7000 and $15000 (depending on the 4 C’s), whereas the price difference between a plain setting and a halo setting may be more like $600 to $1200. Clearly, the specifics depend on the particular center diamonds in addition to how intricate a setting is, but it is obvious that a halo is the more affordable option.

Countless Designs

By deciding that a halo engagement ring is the right design for you or for someone that you love, it does not inhibit the options from which you have to choose. In fact, it opens a door full of exciting and beautiful ring designs. View our entire collection of halo engagement rings to see what deBebians has to offer. If you’d prefer to design a custom engagement ring with a halo, please contact a jewelry expert or GIA graduate gemologist from deBebians.

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting process, but it can be overwhelming. If you would like assistance with choosing a center diamond, please fill out our Personal Diamond Shopper form. If you would like to discuss the difference between engagement ring settings, please give us a call on our direct line at 213-627-1300.

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