Add A Diamond Halo to Make A Diamond Appear Larger

Shown in both photos is the same 1.50ct round brilliant diamond. In the photo on the right, the 1.50ct diamond is surrounded by a diamond halo, which makes the stone look much larger.

Surrounding your diamond with a halo of diamonds will make your diamond appear larger.  Often times customers want the biggest diamond that they can afford and some are willing to sacrifice some quality to get a bigger size.  Believe me… I understand!  🙂  Didn’t I just blog about whether or not size really matters?!?  Another great thing about a halo setting is that for not much more money, you can make it seem like the diamond is much larger.  The difference in a 1.50ct diamond to a 2.00ct diamond is MUCH more than just adding a halo of diamonds around your center stone.

Earlier this week I sold a 1.50ct round brilliant cut diamond to a customer and he was deciding between a more traditional diamond accented setting or a halo setting.   We decided to look at the diamond both ways so I had our jeweler set the diamond into both versions of the ring he wanted.  Of course the diamond set into the diamond accented setting is gorgeous!  And so is the diamond when set into the halo setting!  I guess it really comes down to personal preference and  taste but you can see from the photos how much the halo really adds to the diamond!  It makes the 1.50ct round seem more like a 2.00ct.  The difference in price between the two settings is about $600 but the difference in price from a 1.50ct diamond to a 2.00ct diamond is $7000!  Crazy, huh?!? Take a look at the above photos and compare for yourself! Be sure to browse our halo engagement ring section.  If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call on us.  Please note that every halo ring we manufacture is made for each specific diamond to ensure that there is no gap between the diamond and the halo and that the diamond fits perfectly into the halo setting!

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