Harro Gem Old European Cut Moissanite

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About Moissanite Carat Weight

The carat weights shown are based on DEW (Diamond Equivalent Weight). Moissanite is approximately 10-15% lighter than a diamond, therefore these are approximate weights based on the millimeter size of similar size, shape and cut of a diamond.

Why do you use DEW for moissanite? For many, it's hard to translate millimeter dimensions into carat weight, therefore utilizing DEW, it's a lot easier to get an idea of the size of the moissanite.

Inside Band Engraving Examples

The examples below show the two engraving styles that we offer for the inside band.

Ring Inside Band Engraving Styles

Harro Gem has given a classic cut a modern makeover with the custom Old European cut moissanite gemstone. This cut is characterized by a tall crown and a deep pavilion. Because this stone features an open culet style and faceting, you will be able to see the trademarked "black dot" in the center of the stone. This round, colorless moissanite stone looks beautiful as the center stone on an engagement ring. It also works well when set in pendants and earrings. Each one is custom-cut and available in 11 sizes from 6 millimeters to 11 millimeters.

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Moissanite Information
  • Moissanite Origin: Lab created