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Gold Birthstone Initial Pendant Necklace

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A gold initial necklace with birthstones is a classic gift for any occasion. Birthstone letter necklaces make perfect gifts for mothers, friends and loved ones. With your choice of solid 14" gold color, your choice of AAA quality gemstone and your choice of letter, this initial pendant necklace with birthstones makes a simple but thoughtful gift.

The amethyst is an endearing gemstone choice for a letter pendant as it has an especially eternal history where in earlier times it was employed as a ring in order to eternally exalt the one they were enamored with even if their time on earth had extinguished.

Colored like the coastal blue waters of captivating beaches, the aquamarines in a letter aquamarine pendant make an incredible gift. Aquamarines were once said to be highly praised items that were desired by mermaids, so they provided protection on voyages because it was thought that a mermaid would save your life in exchange for one of these charming stones. Symbolically, the aquamarine also represents compassion, facilitates with communication, and gives courage to those who possess it.

Do you need an effective gift for someone you love? If the answer is yes, think about getting them an authoritative black diamond pendant featuring their first or last initial. Black diamonds are an auspicious display of strength and prestige with an abundance of sophistication and elegance. Truly an incredible gift if the person you're thinking of is austere in their attitude and knows exactly how to get down to business.

A person who wears a flush set blue sapphire letter pendant is a great person to join up with in friendship because they will be loyal, reliable, and sincere. Also, with the awards of clarity and clear perception you will be able to be a wise judge in decisions and character.

Peridots are a delightful gemstone choice for a letter pendant as they represent dignity and are a symbol of undying love. They were also considered a sacred stone by early Christians and their place as a divine gemstone reflected the renewal of life and nature in the spring due to the demure green color.

Blissful pink sapphires set into a letter pink sapphire pendant bring out one's bouncy side with their gentle but girlish hues. Those who seek to become someone's beloved will benefit the most from this illustrious stone as they bring a balanced sort of strength that dissolves emotional blocks and opens one's life to love.

Yellow sapphires set into a flush set or pave set letter pendant make a great gift to the friend in your life who is learned since they represent knowledge. They are also a great way to wish another person a long life because of their longstanding connection to longevity and luck. Loyal friends will love this gesture of luxury.

Product Information
  • Metal: 14k Gold
  • Setting: Flush or Pave
  • Thickness: Approx. 1.2mm
  • Diameter: Approx. 17.9mm
  • Gemstone Information
  • Carat Weight: Varies on Letter Choice
  • Gemstone Quality: AAA
  • Shape: Round
  • No. of Stones: Varies on Letter Choice

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