Gemstone Information

We have put together this gemstone guide to help our customers better understand the quality and type of natural gemstones we use in our jewelry. The primary gemstones we prefer to use are rubies, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires and black diamonds, due to their natural hardness and durability. We also carry a selection of amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, citrine and topaz jewelry.

About Our Gemstones

Color: The gemstones we select are AAA quality gemstones (unless indicated otherwise), which then go through a strict inspection process by our GIA graduate gemologists, experienced jewelers and quality control staff. The color used is very close if not identical to what is shown in our product images, and we are able to select different color shades upon request. For example, we have had requests for "bubble gum pink" sapphires, and customers have sent us pictures of a particular color they were trying to match.

Clarity: Our gemstones are "eye clean," meaning there are no inclusions or imperfections visible to the naked eye.

Cut: The gemstones we use are diamond cut to maximize brilliance. For our round gemstones, this cut is comparable to a round brilliant cut with the same 57 or 58 facets.

Size: Our settings are based on corresponding diamond sizes. This means a 1.00 cttw sapphire eternity ring has the same setting as the 1.00 cttw diamond eternity ring. As a manufacturer, this helps us standardize mounting sizes, and our customers typically receive a little bit more gemstone carat weight than they paid for. The additional carat weight comes from the fact that the gemstones weigh more than diamonds, when comparing a gemstone and a diamond of the same millimeter size.

Enhancements: Our natural, genuine gemstones have been heat treated to enhance color. This is a common practice in the jewelry industry, has been practiced for centuries, and is considered a natural type of treatment. Nearly all gemstones on the market have been heat treated, resulting in permanently colorful, beautiful gemstones.

The only gemstones we offer that are not heat treated are our morganites. Our natural, genuine morganite gemstones are irradiated to enhance color and will never fade. Irradiation is a common practice for morganites on the market today.

Birthstone Chart

We have provided alternatives to certain official birthstones that we do not sell, including June (traditionally pearl or moonstone) and October (traditionally opal or tourmaline). In our mother's jewelry, white sapphires are used as an alternative to diamonds (April).

Birthstone chart

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Gemstone Education



Aquamarine originates from the Latin words aqua marinus which mean seawater. This is because of its blue color. It was believed to have strong healing capabilities and people would drink water touched by aquamarine for illnesses concerning the eyes and lungs. Ancient sailors kept aquamarine crystals with them to protect against poisoning while out at sea. Aquamarine crystals can grow very large and with high clarity making it one of the most common colored stones in the market. Its beautiful color, which ranges from a light blue to a very deep blue, gives the perception that it can bring serenity to one's life. Aquamarine is a member of the beryl species like emerald, morganite (pink beryl), and heliodor (yellow beryl). Aquamarine is the official birthstone for the month of March and can also be used to mark a 19th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine Meaning

Faithfulness, courage, friendship, awareness, quick response, ease of communication, protection for sea voyages, angelic, feminine, compassion, trust, harmony, promise of a happy marriage, everlasting youth, helps young love to prosper and reawakens married love, gives courage to soldiers in battle, sympathy, dreamy, spiritual, flowing, true love, health, hope, fidelity.

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Amethyst's earliest association was from Bacchus, the Greek god for wine, because of its rich color. Greeks believed that amethyst would prevent them from becoming intoxicated while drinking wine. Later in history, amethyst was adorned by British royalty for the belief that it brought clarity to their warriors during battle and also to themselves during business affairs. A stone that was once so highly valued that only elite members of a society could afford it, amethyst is now the most popular gemstone within the quartz species. Amethyst color will range from a light lilac to its most prized deep purple color with red overtones. It is also often heat treated to create other colors. One such color is a citrine, which is a rich yellow variety of quartz. Amethyst is the official February birthstone and can also be used to mark a 6th wedding anniversary.

Amethyst Meaning

Piety, purity, spirituality, devotion, humility, sincerity, peace, balance, courage, inner strength, calm disposition, safety, wisdom, stability, health, hope, dignity, sacrifice and inspiration. In ancient times, it meant "widow stone" as a symbol of eternity. If one spouse outlived another, then he or she started bearing amethyst in his or her ring as a symbol of invariable love to the departed spouse. Amethyst's purple color also is associated with royalty. Linked also with St. Valentine who wore an amethyst ring, this gemstone is known for protecting true love while also beckoning and supporting the realization of love.

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Black Diamond

Black diamond

The popularity of black diamonds is a true testament to the value and meaning of a diamond. Traditionally, black diamonds are considered "bort" or industrial grade material, not intended for cutting and/or jewelry. Unlike colorless diamonds where beauty is based upon a lack of inclusions, black diamonds are black because they are entirely included. Recent cutting and manufacturing of black diamonds have made them a bold fashion statement and become part of everyday jewelry.

Black Diamond Meaning

Authority, power, action, passion, energy, enhance relationships, increase inner strength, provide balance, clarity, abundance, protection, power, elegance, bold, dramatic, confidence, self-control, resilience, prestige, formal, serious, depth, survival, aggressive.

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Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire was used by Ancient Greek and Roman royalty to protect them against the evils of envy and harm. Additionally, sapphires were used to make peace between enemies and were thought to hold the power to protect one's chastity. This is why a sapphire was so cherished by royalty for centuries and was the gemstone chosen for Princess Diana's engagement to Prince Charles. Since its discovery, sapphire has always been associated with the color blue. Any other member of the corundum species except red (ruby) and orange-pink (padparadscha) is also considered a sapphire but is designated by its color. Although the most sought after color of sapphire is cornflower blue, sapphires come in yellow, green, pink, black, brown, grey, and colorless. Sri Lanka is the main source for both blue and colored sapphires. The official birthstone of September, sapphire's romantic hue makes it an excellent anniversary, engagement and/or Valentine's Day gift.

Blue Sapphire Meaning

Sympathy, harmony, friendship, loyalty, steadfastness, reliability, sincerity, faithfulness, sacred, mental clarity, clear perception, truth, honesty, calmness, peace, pure, wise.

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The name for garnet derives from the Latin word garanatus which means "grain" or "seed". This is in reference to the stone's similarity to the seeds of a pomegranate and were a popular gem utilized as beads and in jewelry pieces for thousands of years. These stones have a particular glow to them that according to legend is believed to be a source of light in darkness as it is said that Noah used garnet to light his ark during the Great Flood. It is also a stone that is thought to provide protection on trips as a pomegranate was given to Persephone by Hades to ensure her safe, swift return. While most people are familiar with the deep red variety of this stone, the term "garnet" actually refers to a group of minerals of different species that come in a variety of colors. As the official birthstone of January, it radiates a sort of warmth that acts as a reminder that no matter how cold a winter or how depressing a situation, there will always be hope that eventually spring will come.

Garnet Meaning

Purity, friendship, faithfulness, truthfulness, regeneration, tranquility, hope, peace, devotion, virtue, chastity, fidelity, true love, compassion, revitalization, power, authority.

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Morganite is a pink variety of the mineral beryl that was named after the famous financier, J.P. Morgan. It is a sweetly colored stone that evokes ideas of love, romance, and tenderness. It is said to be a stone of divine love and is delicate, but powerful. It opens the heart to the unconditional capacities of pure love for the sake of love and nurtures a feeling of innocence and care between two people.

Morganite Meaning

Divine love, delicate, powerful, open heart, universal love, attracts and cultivates love, abundance, prosperity of love, angelic energy, releases unhealthy emotional patterns, development of trust, sense of joy, inner strength, counters stress and stress-related illness, heart chakra, spiritual lovingness, compassion, equality, upliftment, empathy, patience, nurturing, tenderness, enhance communication, patience, relaxation, peace, care, unconditional love, heart stone, rekindles love, self-control, balances emotions, eases pain.

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Early Egyptians called peridot "gem of the sun" and so it is often associated with light. As a representation of the sun's light, peridot was used to protect against nightmares and ward off evil spirits. Although Egyptians are known for their initial discovery and adornment of emerald, it has been discovered that much of Cleopatra's jewelry that was thought to have featured emeralds were actually made with fine quality peridots. Peridot typically has an olive green color, but peridot from Afghanistan is famous for producing a vibrant Kelly green color, comparable to an emerald. Peridot is the traditional August birthstone and can also be used to mark 16th wedding anniversaries.

Peridot Meaning

Good luck, fortune, peace, calms anger, protection, love, truth, faithfulness, loyalty, fame, dignity, enhance prosperity, growth, openness, renewal of life and nature, purity and morality (a sacred stone among early Christians), stone of springtime, given by Napoleon to Josephine as a symbol of undying love and admiration, love and commitment, long-lasting and permanent relationship when exchanged between couples as jewelry, openness, warmth, friendliness. In Hawaii, this gemstone is known as a variety of teardrops of the goddess of volcanoes, Pele.

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Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire is a variety within the corundum species and a very popular gemstone in the colored stone market. Measuring 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, pink sapphire is a great alternative to pink diamonds and come at a much more affordable price. The distinguishing feature between a pink sapphire and a ruby is the tone of color. If a ruby's color is light in tone, it is considered a pink sapphire. The darker the tone, the more likely it will be called a ruby. The parameters for distinguishing a pink sapphire from a ruby vary from country to country, which results in a large impact on the price of a pink sapphire. As an alternative birthstone for the month of October, pink sapphire is a great stone to commemorate love and new beginnings.

Pink Sapphire Meaning

Love, forgiveness, acceptance, release, strength in difficult situations, disciplined mind, strength in balance, overcome shyness, passion, joyful play, dissolves emotional blocks, opens life to love, release the past and overcome wounds, truth, friendship, warmth, romance, grace and sweetness to style, harmony, peace, protects against illness and misfortune, sincerity, loyalty.

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Ruby is known as the "King of Gems" and is one the most prized and well known gemstones in history. Known as 'Ratnaraj' in the sacred ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, rubies were used to keep peace between enemies. The oldest and finest ruby deposits originated in Burma and were used by Burmese soldiers because of the belief that it would make them invincible in battle. Rubies were also popular in medieval Europe to guarantee a healthy life full of wealth and love. The official birthstone for the month of July, a ruby is also associated with the summer season and the astrological sign of Capricorn. It can be used to commemorate 40th wedding anniversaries. Ruby is one of the rarer varieties of corundum making it one of the most historically important and high valued gemstones in the market.

Ruby Meaning

Fire, passion, love, vivacity, power, life, warmth, vitality, royalty, king of gemstones, blood, hot, devotion, integrity, courage, happiness, confidence, strength, contentment, peace, friendship.

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Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is believed to guide leaders in their judgment and has the ability to bring money to whoever holds the stone. There is also an association to healing those that are mentally ill. Yellow sapphires were set in crowns to provide relief and peace of mind to the king or queen when faced with adversity. The perceived healing capabilities were used to unblock chakras of the human body. In Hindi culture, yellow sapphire is associated with the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. The presence of Jupiter in one's horoscope is believed to be a lucky symbol connected to wisdom, knowledge, good fortune, wealth, power and status.

Yellow Sapphire Meaning

Righteousness, piety, truthfulness, sincerity, faithfulness, comfort, good luck for those who want children, philanthropy, occult, yoga, meditation, good health, prosperity, glory, strengthens bonds of friendship, peace, prosperity, vigor, vitality, longevity, name, and fame, yellow color indicates wisdom, intellect, enthusiasm, joy, optimism. In Vedic beliefs, the yellow sapphire is a very powerful stone associated with the teacher of the Gods, Jupiter and brings good luck and prosperity. As Jupiter is a teacher, the yellow sapphire also symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and wit, while also generally being a stone of good luck and fortune.

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