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Black Diamond Jewelry

The diamond is the April birthstone, but not everyone is a fan of the typical white diamond. As an alternative, we offer black diamond jewelry which embodies the same sort of eternal symbolism and power as the customary white diamond, but is much more bold and dramatic with its dark hue.

These stones are more affordable with the same resilience, but are also stylishly modern and chic.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

A modern, contrasting take on diamonds as a white diamond alternative.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Rings

Black diamond rings fit in perfectly in any ring stack and yet bold enough to wear alone on a finger

Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Necklaces

Stated and chic, black diamonds make a statement on the neckline.

Black Diamond Necklaces

Black Diamond Earrings

Dressed up or down, black diamond earrings are a practical accessory.

Black Diamond Earrings


Common Questions About Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are one of the gemstones that we get the most questions about, and it's probably because the black color so greatly differs from their sparkling white diamond counterparts.


Are black diamonds real diamonds?
Yes, absolutely. Black diamonds are real diamonds, just their white and fancy colored diamond counterparts.


When did black diamonds become popular for engagement rings?
Great question and there's no real answer, however, black diamonds definitely surged in popularity after being the featured center stone in Carrie Bradshaw's (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) engagement ring from Mr. Big (played by Chris Noth) in the second Sex and the City movie.


How do black diamonds get their dark color?
Black diamonds are simply full of inclusions along with internal fractures making them sometimes completely opaque. A lot of black diamonds have been heat treated to accentuate the dark color.


Do you sell certified black diamonds?
As there is a cost to certifying diamonds and the fact that black diamonds are far less expensive than their white or fancy colored counterparts, we do not stock certified black diamonds. Of course, we can get you exactly what you want and if you're looking for certified black diamonds, we can get them.


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