Palladium Wedding Rings

Finding a palladium men's wedding band that fits like a glove and looks great on the finger is a fun adventure at deBebians. Palladium has a natural white gleam that makes all our ring styles distinctively appealing. Relax and enjoy the experience of browsing for palladium rings in our Pallazzo collection. Each ring has its own unique qualities, and the craftsmanship and artistry of these rings is top-notch.

Flat Men's Wedding Band ITEM #: PL-10MF
Flat Men's Wedding Ring ITEM #: PL-9MF
Palladium Wedding Ring 6.5mm ITEM #: BMPD-1126
Grooved Palladium Men's Ring 7mm ITEM #: BMPD-1128
Domed Palladium Ring Milgrain ITEM #: BMPD-1231
Step Down Palladium Ring 8mm ITEM #: BMPD-1942
Men's Palladium Ring Milgrain 7mm ITEM #: BMPD-1943
Plain Flat Wedding Ring ITEM #: PL-5MF
Plain Flat Wedding Band ITEM #: PL-6MF
Men's Flat Wedding Ring ITEM #: PL-4MF
Men's Flat Wedding Band ITEM #: PL-8MF
Flat Wedding Ring for Men ITEM #: PL-7MF
Flat Wedding Band for Men ITEM #: PL-3MF
Domed Palladium Ring in 3 mm ITEM #: PL-3M

Classic Plain and Flat Bands

The classic plain men's palladium wedding ring is best summed up in two words: bright and timeless. If you admire white metal wedding bands, a traditional plain band made from one of the longest lasting metals is a good investment. As you consider plain styles, notice that plain doesn't mean boring - it simply means unembellished. You'll find artistic nuances to admire among men's domed palladium wedding bands and flat wedding bands.

Ring width and finish also play an important role in your selection. We offer a range of width sizes for those who prefer standard, thin and wider widths. Select a high-polish finish if you love that palladium gleam. However, if you prefer a subdued gleam, a brushed finish is the way to go.

Milgrain, Grooves and Twists

Embellishments for men's palladium rings are done with an eye towards maintaining the integrity of the metal. Fortunately, palladium looks awesome with numerous types of embellishment techniques. The most popular embellishments are milgrain, grooves and twists. As its name implies, milgrain resembles tiny seed grains, except these seeds are made of pure metal. You'll see milgrain used most often for decorative edging, and some plain bands may feature milgrain as a slight enhancement.

Grooves are those indentations you see in some ring designs, and they usually go around the entire ring. Grooves are most appealing when used as a high-polish contrast for brushed metal surfaces. Decorative twists provide exciting texture to a ring design, and they often appear near ring edges. You may also see a few rings featuring braiding, which tends to be of a chunkier texture than twists.

Rings with Diamond Accents

Looking for a tad more glam for your wedding band? Check out styles with embedded diamonds. Typically, these rings include one, two or three diamonds for added gleam and elegance.

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